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    (4.75/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 5 january 2018 16:17

    Review ~ For Honor

    A few of the action games we get from Western game developers such as For Honor, here we go back to history to use fighters of different ages in action game offers a system of combat is very wonderful and very deep despite the simple appearance and content of the game of this kind, if today we review you For Honor, we apologize for the delay in submitting the review to the editorial team of Comic Kun and the need of the game for hours of play, especially the stage of the network.

    For Honor is a combat action game in its main form where you choose one of three fighters between the Samurai and the Knight and the Scandinavian to fight the story is the weakest elements of this game to try to protect the world from the character you want to control it Overall the story of the game closer to the training stage only where you learn the basics of fighting important The Game For Honor is very clear that it is a game dedicated to the network and the stage of the group in the first place and the development of the story is just an addition to it.

    To talk about the fighting system offered by For Honor, the general idea is not difficult, but the professionalism of this system needs many hours of play, here control your strikes between the right and left and top to try to hit your enemy who defends the same way, with your walk to the subject will be very fun Especially when you learn the successive strikes or combo and defeating the enemies more quickly, also your choice of the type of fighter you use and the weapon on which you depend on all things determine exactly how to fight the game, there are weapons suitable for assassinations from afar and other weapons of direct confrontation and other options.

    For the technical level and fees For Honor game offers a very beautiful appearance, despite some technical errors from time to time, especially the behavior of soldiers in the game and falling on the edges and other things, but overall the game is very strong technical aspect of the same thing also applies to the side of the sounds where the sounds of battles and blows Swords And the weapons look very exciting and offer the old war the best possible, we could not try the game on the PS4 Pro really to see the best version of the game.

    Online gameplay is the main element of For Honor, here the game offers you a number of stages, perhaps the most fun is that requires you to occupy areas before the team and the presence of artificial intelligence to control the side characters, this game is actually designed for the stages of the game on the network is very excellent After hours of playing and developing your personality and skills you will find yourself closest to the supernatural soldier who wants to control the battle line alone and this feeling is very wonderful and progress of the game with great excellence.

    For Honor is an action game that offers a very entertaining combat system but needs some time to gain professionalism and get more pleasure. The player or story mode may be very limited but it is closer to the stage of the exercise before going to the network to meet friends. Production by Ubisoft formerly and certainly very welcome.

    For Honor offers an action game with a very cool combat system and a distinct technical level. Some side effects make the game in need of a second part that adds more to it to become excellent games.

    Rate this article Review ~ For Honor

    (4.75/5) 4 ratings


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