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    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    Mrdox, 5 january 2018 16:06

    Review |Torment: Tides of Numenera

    The game that may be mysterious for many is a game rbg character and despite the issuance of household appliances, but it carries the fragrant style of classic arcade games for the computer, the name of the game will not be new to some of the game is the same name for the old game wonderful Planescape: Torment and of course boasting Game developers as the game more game rbg has been supported in the site of Cake Starter and after a period of waiting in the various stages of development through the stage of early launch on the game Steam finally see the light with the final version did the game achieved what was hoped players and supporters? This is what we will know in our review of this game.

    Well, at first, what distinguishes this game from other arcade games? The computer is full of hundreds, if not thousands, of these kinds of games? The game depends entirely on the decisions you make in the events of the story and here I do not mean the effects of minor or formality, but every decision will take the consequences are completely different from the other may take one decision in one of the conversations may enter you in a series of tasks and stages that you will not visit if you choose another option Except for the options of spreading terror and threats to those who are conversing or even using different persuasion methods to overcome some stages without the need to fight at all.

    Attention was very clear this feature is the impact of decisions on the course of the story is the secret of the power and excellence of the game The impact of your decisions Mhulm may sometimes surprise you and will take you hesitant before making any of the decisions no matter how simple Each decision will contribute to your personality The game system calculates your decisions, Honesty in talking helps to make your character loved to people and some will help you, but this will not make you convincing at all when you talk to a group of enemies all this and there is still a lot to discover in the system of decisions and its consequences leave you to enjoy discovering the huge diversity of ways of playing and dialogues.

    The story of the game tells about a person with special abilities moving between the different bodies and left the body of a person and start another person to appear in this body without a memory of its own and enjoy different forces and you will be one of these people, who are called the neglected, you have to go through this story to get to know The reality of your personality and the body you are in and the powers you own The story is one of the most mysterious stories and contain many small details and may suffer in the first hours of play in receiving all this amount of information and the various absorption of many of the mysterious issues in the game, but beyond the hours The first one will begin with the They are many ideas of the game and the details of this world The game is presented in a different way in everything, even the design of your personality at the beginning of the game is very contrary to what we used to.

    The game is an RPG from the upper perspective of a technical character is full of hints and deductions from the old game fees, yet the game is full of small details and distinctive technical options for the drawings and colors striking, but you will not see anything special in the game fees can not be compared with the games of this generation modern Because of the tendency of the game to return to the style of old games, but I still see that it was possible to better than in terms of drawings and some details here and there.

    The fighting system in this game will fight from the perspective of the upper system with the succession of roles with your team a system full of strategies and coordination between the skills of the team to fight the hidden enemies During your journey in the world of the game will meet some of the characters that you can add to your team and the completion of the tasks together and each of the advantages of different from the other and you Choose carefully who will accompany you to get a balanced team that provides you with a variety of options in different circumstances. Note that your team is influenced by the decisions you make, and some of them may leave you or turn against you in case your decisions contradict your nature or goals.

    And of course you can, as mentioned above, to exceed enemies through dialogue and persuasion and avoid further bloodshed even during the battle itself where there is a dialogue option in the middle of the battle to reach solutions that satisfy all parties and also distinctive interaction of the game world, you can use some weapons or tools dumped in the ground during Battle or even face some strange creatures that will attack you and your enemies at once!

    The game depends on the dialogues written significantly, if not lovers of reading and follow-up dialogues and investigation and research to solve all the basic and subsidiary tasks will face many problems in the progress of the game and the representation of voice distinctive in the game, but it is a bit rare compared to dialogues written, the game contains many Sub-tasks that you can finish in different ways and when you finish you will get points of experience to help you develop some of the skills of your various characters.


    A game in a fictional world filled with mystery based on your decisions and bear the consequences in a story filled with dozens of hours of exploration and challenge, but the amount of information at the beginning of the game about the world of the game and methods of play may alienate some of the players unless they give the game more opportunity and delve into the details.


    Rate this article Review |Torment: Tides of Numenera

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


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