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    rogstrug, 1 october 2018 17:26

    Retro Game : Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy

    In this article I will  go far back in the days of ZX Spectrum and in this article we remember the GOTY series that they made Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

    While NES has not yet sailed from the Japanese ports, we've been playing at Atari, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. From these days one of the most beautiful memories is that some Manic Miner and his sequels are easy. Yes, this is something for older readers and / or even parents because today's menus are actually Super Mario before Super Maria.

    Manic Miner was such a 2D platformer in 1983 for ZX Spectrum. What's more, he was the first player on the Spectrum to have music that was considered impossible on this machine due to hardware constraints. Like most titles at the time, the whole thing in the approach was very simple. Your job is to pass the character through twenty caves and collect everything you can before you run out of oxygen, and of course you avoid a variety of bugs like a kangaroo penguin, a cane, or whatever geometrical shapes they already represented. Hang on now in the chair and try not to overlap the video below that sets out a bit of gameplay.


    Perhaps the most memorable name was his 1984 "Jet Set Willy", also original for ZX Spectrum, although they were successful enough to migrate to Amstrad CPC, Atari, Commodore and other team at that time. Long-time digging, miner Willy has already earned a decent retirement and bought a villa, and after a crazy party, he is not about to repair it before the housekeeper unlocks the bedroom door. It would all be much easier for the house to be not robbed, and that you did not drink too much Willy ...

    With great progress for his genre Willy there was an impressive move because instead of the linear sequence of rooms, we could walk to him as wished as possible. With up to 60 rooms, the thing was also three times bigger, but unfortunately, Jet Set Willy was outbreaking a nasty bug on the attic of the villa that was playing without cheating could not completely get through. The video below will remind you of how it looked to start.

    In 1985, Willy also had a third appearance with "Jet Set Willy 2: The Final Frontier" in which he has the opportunity to travel to the universe as well. Although wearing a 2, it was actually an extended but upgraded version of the original. There were special hidden spaces here, which could only be deliberately devoted, but since most of the same game we are not going to force another video. In other words, Willy was conceived as a trilogy in which the so- "Miner Willy Meets the Taxman" should be the third and final sequel, but we have never had this yet. Tell us in the comments if you remember anything else and maybe wait for Willy's patience to return to the modern gaming world.

    Rate this article Retro Game : Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy

    (4/5) 14 rates


    8 bit is awesome

    8 january 2020 11:53

    wow this article is very good!!

    11 february 2021 08:37

    With great progress for his genre Willy there was an impressive move because instead of the linear sequence of rooms

    17 may 2019 01:04

    wow this article is perfect bro or ma,am

    24 march 2020 20:56