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    (4.43/5) 101 rates
    AyyKaii, 28 may 2019 20:30

    Realm Royale [INFO]

    Realm Royale is a game in the battle royale genre, the game is available on most platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC) for free!

    What is Realm Royale?

    Realm Royale is a class based battle royale inspired by Paladins as it uses a few weapons and abilities from Paladins. The game if fun and action packed, you can play solo, duo's and squads so you can play with most of your friends.

    This game is different from other battle royales as it includes these:
    • Classes and abilities - The game has 4 different classes: Warrior, Hunter, Assassin and Mage. These classes have different weapons and abilities to suit them and give them an advantage, however all players (no matter what class you are) can use all the abilities and weapons.
    • Forging/shards - Around the map there are many forges, once you reach the forge you can craft items using shards such as: class weapons, class abilities, runes, armor/health potions and also resurrections (only for duo's and squads). Shards can be collected from unwanted weapons and abilities and also defeating other players.
    • Chickens - If you or another player gets defeated they turn into a chicken, from there they will have to hide/run for 20 seconds until they revive. If the chicken is defeated then they lose the match.
    • Talent system - As you play the different classes you get mastery for them, as you level up the classes you unlock different class based talents which you can configure to suit your play style.

    My opinions on Realm Royale.

    I think Realm Royale is a very good game as it has a lot of features that make it different from other battle royales, these features make the game very fun and that's why I prefer it over other battle royales. Also the game gets new updates and bug fixes quite frequently so it doesn't bore anyone. The game has a nice fantasy look which is quite appealing even to those who aren't really into the fantasy genre.

    How to find a squad/information about the Realm Royale discord server.

    You can find squads quite easily by turning team fill on, however if you want to find a more experienced squad you can find one on the official Realm Royale discord server, on the server you can find other players to play with, report bugs and players and have general discussions about the game or anything else.

    The battle pass.

    The battle pass includes fifty tiers of player skins, chickens, titles, mounts, emotes, sprays, crowns, map marker beacons, avatars, skydive effects and loading screens, which you can unlock as you gain experience, there are many ways to gain experience such as:
    • Playing matches - Every minute you survive in a match you gain 20 exp. You also gain experience from placement in the match (1st place = 200 exp, 2nd place 150 exp and 3rd place 100 exp).
    • Getting eliminations - You get 100 exp for the first elimination you get in every match and then 20 exp for every elimination after that.
    • Daily rewards - First day: 100 exp, second day: 125 exp, third day: 150 exp, fourth day: 175 exp, fifth day: 200 exp. The sixth and seventh day give crowns (the currency used in Realm Royale). If you miss out a day, the daily rewards won't reset.

    Rate this article Realm Royale [INFO]

    (4.43/5) 101 rates


    I've never played Realm Royale before but after reading this article, it really helped me. Thank you

    12 june 2019 19:46

    this game is good but dont have players and i dont know i play vs bots or what :D evry game i have 15 kills

    1 august 2019 21:41

    Thx for helping me this article really helped me

    24 june 2019 00:02

    Well written article.

    13 june 2019 02:31

    i dont know the game seems a bit meh

    5 august 2019 12:30

    very helpfull man nice work

    8 july 2019 12:59

    thank you, this is gonna help

    21 july 2019 00:21

    it's plagiat fortnite

    26 july 2019 16:05

    Thank you to everyone who voted this article to be accepted, I really appreciate it. 😁
    If you want, you can add me in your party on Realm Royale @AyyKaii.
    You can also add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/AyyKaii/

    2 june 2019 19:20

    Nice article and wow now it makes sense for the game to be inspired by paladins cause they both do look somewhat similar

    3 june 2019 05:14