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    HexaColour, 16 june 2018 02:38

    Quick guide to 'Battle Royale'

    'Battle Royale' two words that have been stuck on my tongue the last few months. In this article, I'll go through a set of strategies you can implement to your game to improve your games. Please notice that: I'll take baseline in 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' and 'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' -  I'm neither a professional nor an analyst of any of the aforementioned games AND these are my tips and tricks that have helped me, but may not apply to you, the way it has to me. That said let's dig right in.

    To the ones that don’t know what ‘Battle Royale’ is

    Battle Royale is a game genre that queues up to 100 players against each other on a map, with only one (squad) coming on top. To ensure BR games has a 'max game time' - and a way to sort out the campers - battle royale games have 'Zones', these zones will eventually get smaller as time passes, and players will have to move in the zones and battle the other players, note that zones don't just get smaller, the center of it changes as well, so you can't stay in the middle and be sure that the zone doesn’t touch you, but you’ll still have a good chance to be in the zone for some time, everything the zone hasn’t consumed is called the ‘Playzone’. Always be aware that the playzone always gets smaller, so know when to leave the area and head towards the new playzone

    Where to land? - Winning The Game - For the lesser good
    In PUBG you'll get on a plane (Based on the IRL version, Lockheed C-130 Hercules) that will fly across the map in one single stroke, same goes for Fortnite: BR, only difference that the drop vehicle is called 'The Battle Bus' and is a flying bus with a balloon over it, with no physics supporting this, whatsoever.

    The way you want to land differs though, in PUBG you can't reach long horizontally but you get high speed when diving vertically, resulting in most players chooses cities or named areas in close proximity to the plane, so if you would have a stronger chance of surviving, accept the fact that you'll land later and may no end up with so many kills, and then land on the outskirts of the map/the possible landing area, by this way you'll get acceptable to reasonably loot, but if the zone is really against you, you might find yourself in a bad situation.

    In Fortnite: BR, however, you can reach long horizontal very long in fact, so you might see people landing longer away from the bus, so you want to land on the outskirts of the whole map. Bear in mind, a lot of Battle Royale players will jump out of the drop vehicle so early as possible, this is smart enough, because not only will you get the chance of achieving first blood, you’ll also get the opportunity to loot and have a loadout before the last player lands. But if you want to win, and know that your pump always does 9 damage, then you have to land on the sides that the bus' sides are facing - For an example if you bus in entering the map from the south, let’s say Lucky Landing you want to land to the west of the east - If you battle bus is crossing diagonally, let’s just say to each his own.

    Playing the zone is also a good thing to keep in mind. If you are playing the zone you always want to be in the playzone, even if it’s on the outskirts of it, but remember the zone doesn’t centralize itself so you might have to run half a circle.
    ‘Playing the zone’ also means that, if you are fighting a player on the outskirts of the playzone and the zone is closing you will stay where you are, and keep them at bay, even if you aren’t in the new playzone.

    Where to land? - HKG (High Kill Game) - For the pretty good
    To achieve a HKG, you will - understandably - have to meet a bunch of players. Knowing where a majority of players land is a good thing even if you are not going for a HKG. You got two major choices now, each with three major outcomes:

    #1Choice - Land in the populated areas, landing in the populated areas will - of course - give you an opportunity to get loads of kills, but only if you find something to kill those players with.

    #1 Outcome - You do find a gun, a good gun, and get loads of kills in the early game which will form a great foundation of a HKG.

    #2 Outcome - You do find a gun, a bad one though, and get some kills, while barely survive the area you choose.

    #3 Outcome - You do not find any gun - perhaps a handgun - and will get eliminated while trying to escape.

    #2Choice - Land just outside the populated areas, landing just outside the high populated areas will give you a good chance to find some middle-class loot.

    #1 Outcome - You get a good loadout and enter your area of choice, where you’ll find a good amount of players, and laying an applicable foundation for your HKG.

    #2 Outcome - You get a loadout and enter the area, though this time it’s only the victor of the area that is left - perhaps some ‘Lurkers’ (people who avoided the fighting, or hiding) are also left - by this time you will not have more kills that you would if you landed on the outskirts.

    #3 Outcome - You are very unlucky - like seriously unlucky, especially if it’s in Fortnite: BR - and you do not find a good loadout, perhaps only a low tier gun. You just have to accept it, that game is not going to be HKG.

    Seeking can also be a good way to get some more kills, ‘Seeking’ just means you are taking every fight that's possible. Now your knowledge of where the majority of the player base lands will come into play, you want to catch fleeing players or rotating players.

    This map of the Fortnite: BR island, shows where I feel like most players tend to land, notice this map is my thoughts and my thoughts only, I have no statistic to support my choices, whatsoever. The stars are noticeable unnamed places where players might tend to land as well.

    Maps, Loot, and Loadout
    PUBG have large maps (10 km x 10 km) resulting in longer games - not accounting PUBG’s upcoming 4x4 ‘Sanhok’ map - to travel these long distances and outrunning the zone, multiple vehicles for two and up to six players is an option, also a tool to get kills. Loot in PUBG is very customizable for an  example, the AR called M416 can get its Barrel(1.) Grip(2.) Ammunition(3.) Sight(4.) and Stock(5.) altered.

    In Fortnite: BR the only “vehicle” is the Shopping Cart which lets up to two players travel somewhat faster, across the map. Loot in Fortnite: BR is tier based, visually represented with colours.

    • Gray                         - Uncommon    = Worst
    • Green                       - Common       = Acceptable
    • Blue                          - Rare              = Good
    • Purple                       - Epic               = Fantastic
    • Some call it ‘Gold’     - Legendary     = Amazing

    Any loadout in any game depends on your playstyle. But one thing to remember is that you can't have everything, meant like either it’s mid to long-range weapons, consumables (meds, shields) and grenades, or short- mid- and long ranged weapons and consumables/grenades. Understandably many players - mainly in Fortnite: BR - discard grenades since it isn’t as useful as a shotgun, assault- or sniper rifle, and the player may need multiple consumables in case of the player needing to quickly heal/shield up in mid-battle.

    Thats was just my opnion on how to tacle the Battle Royale challange
    - HexaColour

    Rate this article Quick guide to 'Battle Royale'

    (4.55/5) 29 rates


    I play fortnite on roblox because its Free and u can also play it with potato pc

    22 august 2018 16:02

    this game is good..but not for poor internet connections

    14 august 2018 10:10

    OH that is the old fortnite map nice!

    21 july 2018 18:49

    Playing for 1000 hours without learning is worst than playing 50 hours while learning.

    30 july 2018 11:58

    Wow, that is what I like to see!!

    17 june 2018 09:04

    I wish i won in fortnite

    21 july 2018 15:50

    Nice article ... is the game very hard to play or is the difficulty on average

    10 august 2018 15:15

    good game

    18 july 2018 13:14

    In my opion rocket launchers are good for noobs close ranged

    17 july 2018 13:06

    Nice article, well structured, images are used. Great.

    16 july 2018 15:29