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    hellicht, 17 june 2018 17:36

    Lords Mobile for newbies. Having a Guild: pros and cons

    After playing Lords Mobile for an achievement on Gamehag, I got into it more, than I expected. I got myself a second account and this time I started smarter with all the experience I got. I want to share some tips with new members, who want to achieve better results faster. Those tips are for people, who do not plan to spend real money.

    Game will advice you to choose a guild and award you for it with Gems (which you better save up, but on that later). What is the point? Guild has advantages:

    • guild members get Guild Gifts, which help you to level up: speeding up  any processes, getting free resources, getting unique items you will have hard time acquiring otherwise. Guild Gifts include:
      • Killing each monster gets all the guild members a gift, which is one of the things you can get from the monster itself. Those gifts are the least valuable from gifts you can get from the Guild. Lets call them small gifts, because they do not have any definition, as far as I see.
      • Guild Gift by Level. One big gift, after guild combined opens enough small gifts. The more small gifts opened, the higher level gift Guild gets.
      • Sapphire Box. Each small gift has a key assigned to it, sometimes it is more than one, sometimes it is 500, but most of the time it is 1 key per gift. When guild acquires enough keys, everyone gets a Sapphire Box. Similar to Level Gift, you can find some valuable things in there.
    • guild members can protect each other from enemies and fight the enemies together. 
    • guild members can send each other resources, when in need. Can be useful especially during events, when you can get easily short on resources, while trying to do thing in a limited time to get presents from events. 
    • being in a Guild means your guild will have alliances with other guilds. This means, some people will not try to fight you because of the alliance. Less enemies is a pro, right?
    • you can make friends and help yourself get more social.
    • you can fight Darknests only with guild members, you cannot go alone for a Darknest, no matter your level.
    On the other hand, being in a Guild has disadvantages (and yes, some are also the pros of being in the guild):
    • having alliances means you need to be careful, who you fight, because it can affect reputation of your guild and get you all in trouble or at war with your previously friendly neighbors.
    • guilds have a set of rules they require members to follow. If you want to exist in a society without the problems and also get benefits from it, you need to follow some rules, right? Otherwise, you can get in a trouble or just lose a good place. Rules are made for the Guild to develop and everyone in it to level up faster. If you do not follow the rules and only take, sooner or later the guild will kick you out and you can lose a great guild and also reputation.
    • you can get automatically kicked out of the guild by the System itself, if you do not log often enough.
    • you need to stay social with guild members, if you want to be a guild member. For people, who prefer to play solo due to social anxiety or simply a lack of desire to communicate, it is a big disadvantage.
    • simply communicating with guild members can help you make some enemies in your own guild, which can make you want to guilt a good Guild. Be mindful of what you share with who, because you always meet like-minded people in the game, but also a lot of people you would like to avoid. Nobody wants to play with people they can't stand, but sometimes a compromise is required to get certain advantages, just like in real life.
    • you need to be in one place on the map with your Guild members to get the advantages of being in the Guild. The System of the game, though, will not tell you properly, where you guild is, so, as a newbie, you can join a guild that it in the other part of the world. Getting to them will require for you to buy an item you can only buy with Guild Coins. Getting Guild Coins is really slow process, if all of your Guild members in another kingdom.
    So, should you join a Guild?
    As a newbie, yes. Guild members will help you with your questions and also support your leveling up. As a long time player, you might not need the Guild, if you choose to. But if you want to level up fast in a short time, joining a Guild is a must.
    Choose carefully and do not be scared to communicate. Guild needs you as much as you need the Guild, and is interested in you getting better and leveling up. If that is your goal, join a Guild.

    Rate this article Lords Mobile for newbies. Having a Guild: pros and cons

    (3.76/5) 33 rates

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