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    (4.1/5) 10 rates
    sozqq, 17 june 2018 21:40

    Review: Football, Tactics & Glory

    As you know, the world of computer football is held on three whales - this is the eternal couple of competitors FIFA and PES , as well as the great and terrible Football Manager . For many years, some other worthy projects on the football theme have not been found, although attempts to come up with something original sometimes happen.

    Football, Tactics & Glory is a mixture of two genres at once: before us as a classic sports manager, where the player has to deal with the work of the head coach, as well as the tactical simulator of the football match, where the players are under our control. 

    Everything begins, of course, with coaching. Classes and placement of players on the field, the study of rivals, contracts with players and the fulfillment of management tasks are all "grown-up", as in any normal manager. 

    However, we can safely discard such an indulgent attitude towards the game - as a representative of this genre, it looks very worthy, despite all the simplicity. Here, of course, do not find a record of all that is possible, as in Football Manager, but the threshold of entry is much lower, and the newcomer in the genre will not be particularly difficult to understand what is happening. The feeling of this head coach is present: we have a full calendar, a lot of leagues, cups and championships - from amateur competitions to international championships. 

    The parameters of each player are not taken from the ceiling - if you look at the statistics section, you can see the history of the player's career, his transfers and other useful information. All this is useful as in preparation for matches, and during the search for replenishment.

    Players do not appear out of nowhere and do not disappear to anywhere - everyone came from the youth school of a certain club, and after the end of the contract can go to another club and even roll a couple of goals to your team in the next meeting. 

    In the FTG , of course, do not find real leagues and players. All the names of the clubs are given by the name of their native city. But in key leagues it's easy to notice transparent hints for real teams - thanks to the form and logo of the team.

    But also it does not matter - firstly, this problem can be solved with the help of mods, which are already many, and secondly, the game has a good possibility of customizing both the forms, names and emblems of clubs, and the appearance of the players. If you spend some time, it is quite realistic to create the desired team or player yourself, achieving even an external resemblance in the faces - a rich editor for editing allows it.

    The parameters for each player are four: accuracy, pass, defense and control. In addition, players are trained in special techniques and skills that will be used directly on the field. It's not a quick thing: if you start with an amateur league, the way to the heights of skill will be a long one - from a dozen seasons, or even more. Each player gradually grows in level, receiving a certain specialization depending on his actions on the field.

    The only thing that is missing is at least a little "humanization" of the players. Stress and physical health, relations with teammates and coaches, the provision of living conditions - all this plays a huge role in real football, and I would like to see at least some reflection of these aspects in the game. Of this, only injuries, which for a while send an athlete to a hospital bed.

    Each meeting should be carefully prepared. Studying the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent is one of the keys to success. Do you have only one good striker? Look at which of the defenders of the opponent is weaker, and put your star next to him - otherwise it will be more difficult to bring the case to a blow. The same in the defense: it is worthwhile to patronize the most dangerous attackers of the other team. There are also important weather conditions - in the heat or cold players feel unimportant.

    When all preparations are finished, the starting whistle sounds and the match begins. Football here is step-by-step, if you have not forgotten. The time allocated for a certain number of actions, depending on the starting settings (I advise you to put more - otherwise the meetings too quickly end). Teams go in turn, each in the reserve for three actions per move. You can move players to the cages of the field, give passes, beat on goal. In addition to standard actions, there are special skills that players have, depending on the specialization, whether it's a defender's stroke, a special pass or a special kick on the ball. Three actions - it's a bit: for one move, it's not always possible to get the attacker to strike.

    Another big plus of Tactics & Glory is that the game was released before the brilliance of polished, without any bugs and serious flaws. Graphics - stylish and bright, the animation is pleasing to the eye, and the interface allows for any detail, and it is very convenient to use. Provided and detailed information, explaining what's what. 

    Of the funny "features" - a good integration service with Twitch, which is useful for fans of streams. Players can be given the names of subscribers to the channel, and if you start the broadcast during the game, the comments in the chat will be visible in the stands during the match. Also, commentators with the help of chants can motivate players, improving their skills, or help the streamer make a choice during the next move by voting.

    Separately worth mentioning multiplayer - it is present both in the classical version, and in the form of a game for one computer. Most of all, given the beginning of the mundial. There are even championships in the network game - by the way, the Brazilian team became the winner of the latter. 

    Even strange that the project is, as they say, PC-exclusive: the game would look great on mobile platforms. Perhaps the developer is porting it in the future, even if for this one has to make some simplifications.

    If you like football you should give this game a  chance :)


    Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Review: Football, Tactics & Glory

    (4.1/5) 10 rates


    although attempts to come up with something original sometimes happen.

    26 november 2019 14:16

    Your article + photos = awesome

    18 june 2018 17:52

    Its like a game with no wifi

    25 july 2018 13:45

    nice and good article.i love it!!!! i sit in my sofa and read it many times

    25 july 2018 12:56

    Good job on the article

    8 august 2018 16:36

    Some images, some formatting, some section. A long text only.

    18 june 2018 08:04

    An image would make this article even better.

    18 june 2018 07:40

    Very good article

    13 october 2019 06:38

    I remember the good old days with all these manager games.Maybe it is about time to give it a try?!

    2 december 2019 13:04

    An image or two would be great, good article overall

    18 june 2018 03:19