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    Rate this article "Quick Guide: 10 mods to make The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gameplay neat"

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    DoctorWhouse, 2 october 2017 15:14

    Quick Guide: 10 mods to make The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gameplay neat

    Morrowind is a very lore focused game with a lot of NPCs fulfilled with a lot of conversation options. Therefore making the game one of the most immersives RPGs ever made. The only problems is: people tend to give up on playing it because its gameplay sucks in general opinion. So, the objective here is to build a nice gameplay within Morrowind with the use of simple mods.

    Let's get it started: first thing you gonna do is search for Nexus Mod Manager on google and download it, it's simple and it has a quick tutorial, you'll be fine.

    Now that you have NMM, go to Morrowind's page on Nexus and download the following mods and any other you may find suitable.

    1. Better Heads.esm

     Morrowind is a 15 yo game, don't expect its graphics to be something...nice to see. That's why we're downloading Better Heads, so people will not scary you at first sight. Remember to active the Tribunal and Bloodmoon DLCs.

    2. Better Bodies.esm

     Same thing with number 1, basically.

    3. Accurate Attack

    Morrowind works with a dice-rolling system on the background. Meaning: you may virtually hit the monster/person/thing but even if you see it hitting your opponent and the dice roll is lower than necessary, you'll miss. Accurate Attack makes attacks hit like a normal game. In a normal scenario.

    4. Run Faster

    Ok, this is important. Morrowind is set on the island of Vvardenfell, who is a LARGE island. No problem. The problem lies in the fact that you move as quick as a snail. Things will get more energetic when you raise your Athletics skill, but still, it makes you spend 3x the time you would if the speed were accurate.

    5. Morrowind Rebirth

    Complete rework on Morrowind, new weapons, NPCs, graphics, everything. Also it has some important bugfixes. Get it.

    6. Tamriel Rebuilt
    The game was originally thought to be able to explore not only the island of Vvardenfell, but the mainland of Morrowind too. Turns out they couldn't make it, so modders got the job. You can get it or no, your choice. I like it tho.

    7. Tamriel_Data

    Needed to register some files essential to Tamriel Rebuilt. If you pick 6 you have to pick 7, otherwise 6 won't work.

    8. No Arrow Weight

    Arrows are pretty heavy. You may want to build a Marksman so you'll have to carry arrows. But they're PRETTY heavy. Do yourself this favor.

    9. Real Signposts

    This is something I really wanted. In Morrowind there is no compass, you have to consult your Journal and go find you way, so signposts are relevant. In the other hands, the developers didn't think that actually writing the name of the place on the signpost was a nice thing. So yeah, you'll want this mod.

    10. Andromeda's Fast Travel

    Alright, this is something that I don't actually agree with, but I know its needed. Morrowind is a wonderful game because it challenges you in many ways. One of them is making you think how to get from here to there. Fast travel prevents this thinking part, but I know some people get bored of walking and so, but you still have Mage's Guild and Silt Striders to transport you, tho. Obs: you need to get to a signpost and click the place you wanna travel.

    So that's it, my boys. Hope you guys liked it, and please, enjoy this wonderful game because you guys will love it!

    Rate this article Quick Guide: 10 mods to make The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gameplay neat

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


    Sweet article, good job. A video with all or some of these mods active would've been nice, though.

    9 october 2017 13:52

    A game everyone should play!

    4 october 2017 17:35