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    (4.56/5) 16 rates
    matheus_martins, 19 july 2017 01:54

    Paladins Review

    Paladins, a moba game in FPS(still in beta) is better optimized than most of "Completed and Released" paid games; This itself is a more than enough reason to recommend this game. 

    Every champion has a pre-built deck that you can use in game, but you can collect more cards to build better decks. These cards will grant a small boost to your abilities, its up to you which ones you will use and how to arrange them. Before a round starts and while respawning, you can buy items to enhance your performance as well. The items are quite simple and universal, but they'll help you a lot in the late game. Items can be bought and upgraded with credits, credits can be earned by doing any significant action in game.

    Its heavily supported by e-Sports. Paladins is becoming quite popular lastly, everybody wants a piece of It.

    Well, this game has a lot of potential but developers don't know how to balance and stopped listening to community.
    Without the ability to swap characters/classes mid-game, a feature that most games in this genre have, Paladins brings a whole new different meta based on thoughtful decisions to make hard counters.

    The Voice commands: Really cool system, very well made and highly usefull but takes time to learn.
    Cards system: Shortly, it lets you tweak your caracter's abilities and\or stats. You can play 1 champion different ways and adjust your playstyle to enemy character choice. That's really cool, yet it lacks some imagination sometimes (~5same cards for more than a half characters but that is ok i can take that.)
    TOO MANY BUGS: Sometimes your ability works, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes you shoot the gun but it actually didnt shoot and went on cooldown and restricted usage of other abilities for about a second.
    Bad matchmaking. I often get either really weak teammates and really strong enemies or vice versa. Both casual and comp.
    Champions: More than 25 champions with different abilities you can play with and its still on beta.
    Easy Anti-Cheat: It is a spyware, it can take screenshots at any time of your monitor and even has a keylogger built in.
    if you uninstalled the game, there is a good chance you still have the spyware
    NOT OVERWATCH: I have Overwatch but I prefer Paladins because since I've been playing I see improvements in every patch (which are aproximately weekly): in playability, bug-fixing, menu improvements, very rewarding system, easiest grind I've ever seen, and balancing champions and items. Strategy to win and outplay your enemies comes in form of loadouts which are free upgradable cards improving some skills, tons of posible builds. 

    + Game runs really well, they did a really good job at making this game available for everyone!
    + The game play is simple and easy to pickup.
    + Some interesting characters like Grover, but most are very average. 
    + Play with friends and group up if you like. 
    + Ranked play is unlocked after you gain hours playing 12 characters upto level 4 which teaches people how to play.
    - Unfortunatly the gameplay is too simple, lacks depth. If you like the complexity of games such at DOTA2 this is the complete opposite. I'm not comparing those games, just putting it into perspective in how shallow the game actually is. 
    - The characters are bland and uninspired, cheap. They are so generic you really don't like any of them, so unlikable. 
    - The items you actually spend money on are so ugly. 

    Rate this article Paladins Review

    (4.56/5) 16 rates


    i played this game, so fun

    15 october 2019 15:34

    I really love paladins , it is a funny game

    3 august 2020 10:36

    One hour and I got bored with the game. I think I have a different point of view than you, but I respect how you prefered it over Overwatch. Nice article.

    25 september 2020 14:36

    its a cool game but it does have a lot of bugs . Thats why i personally like OW more .

    17 march 2020 23:55

    but I mean that this game is not played on the computer, I do not say it is played, but the graphics on the phone are better, which one is the phone or the computer?

    24 october 2020 10:18

    it’s like overwatch is just free and unfortunately a little worse

    27 october 2020 17:45

    nice artical but game has many bug

    2 may 2019 05:21

    Have not tried this yet but will do.

    19 june 2019 02:27

    cool freee clone owervach

    22 october 2019 11:34

    this game is different from overwatch

    15 august 2019 15:13