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    (3.5/5) 18 rates
    eregg5678, 27 july 2017 01:44

    A good game?

    This site is dedicated to Travian. It contains several tools that make the game easier to play.
    Data for each server is updated every day. Information on the latest updates is available here.
    Here is a brief description of all these tools:

    - Comparison of Units
    Here you can compare different types of troops using different factors of comparison such as quality / cost and a quality / maintenance ratio. Use it to optimize your combat strategy.

    - Simulator
    It allows the simulation of the attack and gives you an early report of the Battle. This simulator is more accurate than the one currently found in the game and than the Travian Combat tool, but sometimes there is a small difference in small units when compared to the Travian Plus simulator.

    - Calculating distances and times
    Very useful for synchronization, this tool tells you the distance, duration and date / time in which you must launch your troops depending on your type and your coordinates. Avoid wasting time on long and complicated formulas.

    - User and Alliances - Signature
    Here you can create a signature with your logins in each world of Travian where you have account, in addition to information of your accounts. The subscription is updated every day.

    - Choose your world
    The map
    This map gives you an overview of the game with several possibilities to view other players and contains several levels for zooming. You also have the possibility to choose which alliances you want to see on the map. Village information is available if zooming is close enough.

    You can find 3 lists: Players, Villages and Alliances. More searches and sorting features are available comparable to Travian. You can also find the graphical evolution of players, villages and alliances until that day.

    Combat plan
    It allows to easily organize war between alliances. This tool indicates the villages closest to the enemy to each member of your alliance.

    Search for farms
    You can search farms in your neighborhood according to various criteria.

    Contains various statistics about the game world

    Plus or Gold = Idiots More dedicated players pay to have "small" advantages in the game as they have more features, stronger troops, do everything quickly without having to wait days, increase the penis, and the list goes a long way. This creates a lot of revolt among the poor or less idiot players who do not want to spend their money on drugs at least not on the virtual ones who used the game to escape the reality that the world is unfair.
    Farmar = Attack another player in a row. In case the attacked player can follow two paths, the recommended one is to stop playing, the other is to tell the attacker that you are a peaceful player friend of strong players and descendant of the extinct race of the Nordic Aesires, usually works.
    Forum = The forum is where you, after being 30 times attacked, discuss who was the best farm! Also on some occasions they make ridiculous posts counts to see who arrives faster at Nerd Member. Also has those asses that make posts like "floodei", "spit further away", "I am the best farm" etc ... So Do not waste time and do not enter the travian forum! I advise the Brazilian known worldwide for "Little order and little progress" where there are as many moderators as flies in nuclear power plants!
    Cazinhas: They are those who watched a lot Bob the Builder when they were children and they realized that they want to be builders. Usually these guys noobs have seen farms throughout the game ...
    Multis: They are the most dedicated players who decide to have a great deal over others and decide to create more than one account to send wood, iron, cereal, gold and clay. They usually get along, and manage to stay in the game by being Tops. Or on the other hand they are denounced by vagrants and lose in min. 10% of everything that acadquiriu during the vast time of 10 hours daily every day relentlessly and get fucked and give a bug in the pc to end this time with this crap game.

    Rate this article A good game?

    (3.5/5) 18 rates


    yeah a good game

    1 april 2019 03:10

    Nicearticle i didn't know the game before.

    12 may 2021 11:37

    ***...i have forgotten about thix game, now i missed playing it. ;-; (tears of joy)

    15 january 2020 15:08

    good game, nice content

    15 october 2019 15:35

    good article good game

    15 february 2021 10:52

    a bad game

    21 february 2020 13:37

    that game is not cool

    28 march 2020 14:49

    nice article
    idk this game but i think its good

    12 october 2019 03:32

    I came back to confirm that this is indeed a great game.

    6 october 2019 17:02

    i mean have bad and good game but thanks because i need good game

    20 september 2021 03:17