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    (4.17/5) 23 rates
    joonas_le, 27 july 2017 19:50

    Exploring Minecraft

    Hello! GripGuy or Joonas_le here! I'm here to write an article about minecraft.

    Minecraft is a sandbox type game, you can create your own worlds and customize them or alternatively play with your friends and other people on mutliplayer, let's start with singleplayer. If you wish to create your own singleplayer world, login to minecraft, open up "singleplayer" press "create world" and start customizing it. Name, world settings (bonus chest, world type etc.) then press "create" the game will load up your world and you can start exploring. Things like villages, mineshafts and caves are very useful.
    Villages, if you find one you should hope that there is a blacksmith around. Blacksmith's have very useful things like bread, iron, diamonds and armor. You can also trade with villagers. If you need it you can steal their crops.
    Mineshafts, once you find one you will/may encounter minecarts with chests, the chests have loads of useful items. You might also encounter spider spawners, these spawners once broken will give you experience. You will also see some sort of fences around the mineshaft. Those are just decoration.
    Caves, usually once you find a cave there will be loads of ores (coal, lapis, iron, diamonds, gold etc.), if you find coal and iron you can smelt the iron with coal in a furnace. When you create an iron pickaxe you can start mining diamonds, you can google ways to play minecraft single player on the net (obviously).

    Multiplayer, servers like hypixel or the hive are very good servers to play on. Multiplayer means that there are other people also playing there in real time. Let's talk about hypixel, there you will find many minigames like bed wars, skywars, blitz survival games etc. Bed wars is a minigame where you have to protect your bed and destroy others's beds. The beds allow you to respawn once you've died. You collect resources from the generators, you can buy items from the item shops. Skywars is a game with islands, in the start you get 3 chests. They have armor, blocks and other stuff. When you go to the middle, you can get better stuff.
    Blitz survival games is a game where you select a kit and then start fighting other people. If you don't select a kit in the start the game will give you a random kit. When you kill someone you get his stuff. When player count reaches 3-4 a deathmatch starts. During deathmatch you can't leave the certain area. You kill the players and you win if you are the last one. That's it! That's the whole article, I hope you enjoyed this article! Have a good day!

    Rate this article Exploring Minecraft

    (4.17/5) 23 rates


    I came back to say that this game is awesome.

    20 october 2019 03:20

    minecraft is a fn bilding game i playing it now haha yeet

    18 march 2020 03:19

    Really love Minecraft! Its really a good game.

    8 november 2020 06:13

    the scenery are so relaxing when you look at them

    20 february 2020 13:17

    Thanks for the article.

    15 december 2021 04:35

    minecraft nice game

    13 april 2020 12:02

    This game is ineteresting and the relpay value is high.

    6 october 2019 17:01

    good game of world

    14 november 2019 13:00

    The game's great but this article is so plain and doesn't give the game justice.

    8 september 2019 03:33

    minecraft is a good game but isn't have space

    12 november 2019 13:26