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    (4.31/5) 32 rates
    Mrdox, 8 november 2018 16:27

    ♯Overcooked 2 ✌

    Game Overcooked for those who did not experience the experience before is an action game revolves around the "kitchen" is controlling the personality of the chef and trying to complete the dishes required of you and delivery to customers, the title of this game is "teamwork" where you are required to divide the work among the members of the team, And the other one who cooks and the last task is to deliver the macaroni and cooking to the customers and there are washing dishes and other things you imagine in the kitchen and it will be very difficult to accomplish all this alone, although the game allows you to venture and develop the story alone using more than a chef and control them at the same time, The ideal way to run this game.

    This game introduces many new additions, most notably the possibility of throwing things this time, a new mechanic in the game change a lot of them and even depends on some of the tasks and stages to play on this mechanical to accomplish it where you can throw things or tossed through the kitchen to reach places far, which shorten you running the kitchen Usually, hitting the rest of the players when the screen is crowded and also allows you to steal the achievement of the team from the competing teams and required for the use of a team and there are stages depending on the game depends on the idea where the chef in the area of cooking and the other chef in another area, There you will have to throw and tossed cooking requirements across the lake and try to deliver Chef before sending it back to you.

    As with the first part, the game allows four players to enter the adventure either in the stage of the story or in the stages of new and collective play here to be able to experience the different stages of the network this time, new additions to the game to choose the way to play whether to challenge between two teams of players for each team Or even create a team of three players to compete with one player believed to be the best of them all and you will undoubtedly witness many crazy moments in these stages.



    The stages of the game become more interactive than before, even that some of them are divided into two parts, for example one of them begins to play with a bird bird before it breaks down and find yourself in the kitchen and there are other stages will be flooded by water or a moving track and other ideas that make each stage an adventure in itself, Is your weapon by winning this game, restaurant customers will ask you to prepare their meals and here you organize your team and tasks between you to accomplish the task and the faster the delivery time you will get more points by the end of the stage.

    Rate this article ♯Overcooked 2 ✌

    (4.31/5) 32 rates


    wow, a special article, everything is bold

    21 april 2019 05:12

    Not bad.

    8 november 2018 17:46

    Ok, but that linebreaker still can couse some problem

    8 november 2018 17:42

    Very nice article, good job!

    9 november 2018 13:13

    Good enough.

    8 november 2018 16:35

    Sorta like a new version of the old intellivison game Burger Time

    21 november 2018 10:07

    dang it this was on xbox live and I wow didnt get it!

    14 november 2018 14:34

    this is good game thank you for it and it's funny

    31 january 2021 21:47

    Hmm good game but i didnt play...

    24 november 2018 20:02

    This one's a fun game, and looks like a lotta fun with friends.As for the article, i'd say you practice on your grammar. But overall it's alright

    9 november 2018 08:04