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    (5/5) 1 rating
    Goodhunter, 17 january 2018 17:45

    Overcast-Walden and the Werewolf:Stupid dog

    One of the seemingly million games that end up in my library thanks to giveaways, I had no expectations for this game. It looked bad in trailers and screenshots. Reviews were not much better to be honest. I had already harvested it for the cards but decided to try it out of curiosity. It was a mistake.

    This game has a plot of some description; Walden is a hunter, looking for some sort of bird that only comes out at midnight but one night Walden gets attacked by bandits and is almost killed. However despite a lot of blood spilling he survives and shuts himself in his cabin but when he finally leaves years later the sky darkens and his home town is destroyed by a werewolf. This inspires him on a quest for revenge for the town.

    The "story" is told in text dumps at the end of each mission, while there is no voice acting (thank god) the writing is amateurish, the summery I have is very close to the quality of writing this game offers. Worse still it tries to make us connect with Walden but every time I see him he is in an emotionless stock asset pose, the character model does not show any of the fear or mental torment Walden is supposed to be experiencing. I gave up at the third level for reasons that I will go into later.

    The game play is bog standard first person horror game on steam. It works fire with one expectation. The lantern, the light given from the lantern is so poor that there were times I could not see what I was doing because it was so dark, I could not see where I going because the game thought impossible to see means scary. The same goes with the atmosphere because having a collection of jump scares and spooky scary music (violin strings, the spookiest of all the instalments) screeching in my ears means a foreboding atmosphere. The abundance of invisible walls do not help as well.

    The third level was the clincher for me, for the some there was a blur effect that made things harder to see, then the game threw the werewolf at me asking me to shoot it (?)  to slow it while running away from it. This would have not been so bad if the blur had not mixed with the rubbish lighting and the lack of a run feature (if there is a run button I was never made aware of it) it was at that moment when I decided that I would not bother finishing this piece of crap.

    I do not know if the game is an asset flip, it does not look like one per say but but the lack of effort animating Walden or the werewolf does not make me wonder, the entire game looks quite unfinished too.

    However I will say that there were no bugs or glitches, it does not break after five minutes like Game Tycoon 1.8 and the frame rate was stable.

    Overcast-Walden and Warewolf is a low rate piece of gaming on steam. I would not advise getting it. I am debating if this should go into the Hall of Infamy.

    Rate this article Overcast-Walden and the Werewolf:Stupid dog

    (5/5) 1 rating


    If you’re looking for something to scare the pants off of you, look very far in the other direction. Because Overcast isn’t a bad horror game. It’s just not a very good game at all.

    26 january 2018 15:40