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    Rate this article "Norse mythology based game - Northgard [Steam]"

    (5/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 8 march 2018 08:52

    Norse mythology based game - Northgard [Steam]

    A strategy game based on Norse Mythology and is actually kind of a city builder game having some key aspects from the myth. Its quite good game depending on what the game has to offer. And to note, the game isn't a free to play game, its a paid game on steam store and that too its only available only for windows...

    Lets check out what the game has to offer....

    So, the game as stated is based on Norse Mythology and has quite user friendly interface to control and play. And this game is a pretty new game actually, it released it final version this month itself, so its a bit unfair to judge if the game has any bugs or glitches. They will probably fix all of them if there are any... So, this about this game: This is an actual city builder game where you assign your vikings to do different tasks based on the requirements and the need to do something, like farming, train someone to become a warrior, sailor and other stuff. You'll eventually know what I'm talking about in a while.

    Lets check out some information from steam page:

    • Single Player game
    • Multi Player mode available
    • Online multi player game mode
    • Co-op and online co-op against others or against CPU
    • Has steam achievements [A total of 92 Steam Achievements]
    • Has steam trading cards
    • Has steam cloud saves for hassle free gameplay on different systems and laptops
    • The game even has the audio in chineese if someone is interested to try out
    • A pretty huge player base and community to support you and for multi player gaming
    • Did I mention that its quite similar to RTS games but not completely similar though

    In case you are wondering, the gameplay looks like in the above image, and there are a lot of changes that were made for the final released version. The above image is from the pre alpha footage of the gameplay and you'll notice that the game is preety neat and clean. The game has a pretty decent game mechanics but the learning curve of the game is pretty hard, you'll eventually have to struggle a bit to master this game rather than everything is 'figure it out yourself'. You'll know what I'm talking about in a while.

    The above is the pretty new gameplay of this game Northgard. The tiny graphics and details are a bit of appreciation too, well this game is not packed with high end graphics or textures, you can easily run this game on high graphics even if you hardware is not that new. Ok, so lets go through the minimum system requirements of this game, the actual requirements

    > Any dual core processor or equivalent CPU (2.0 GHz is decent for this)
    > 1GB RAM for the game [you get the idea]
    > A decent graphics card to play at higher graphics resolution or you can always run this on integrated graphics like the glorious Intel HD graphics but you have to adjust at some graphics performance or resolution
    > And yeah, the minimum resolution can't be decreased beyond 1366x768 pixels, you can however increase beyond that but can't lower it, at least no through the settings

    So, the things that you can do in this game are quite fantastic, even though they can be done in any RTS games or simulation games, here you'll find something of different kind while you game. Here are some things that are quite fun to do and have a hard time in learning all these things.
    You'll be playing with the Northmen who are set to sail to explore and conquer new places, you'll have to manage and get a hold of things around the place to gain control over the things that are happening....

    The actual conclusion of this game can't be derived yet, but so far the game is pretty good and is qutie fun. The game sure takes a bit of time to learn everything involved in the game but once you get a hold of what's going on in the game, you'll start to feel right at home for such strategy games. A pretty decent game with the involvement of Norse Mythology in it.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Norse mythology based game - Northgard [Steam]

    (5/5) 4 ratings


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