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    sozqq, 7 march 2018 20:08

    Review: Attack of the Earthlings

    Remember how often in games we fight with various alien monsters that prevent people from colonizing the planets and conducting extremely useful experiments on dark space stations. The creatures friskily run through the ventilation, scare their three paws, growing directly out of the jaw, and are very dependent on the uterus, which, as a rule, must be killed in order to end the disobedient strangers.

    But in Attack of the Earthlings everything is exactly the opposite: we are playing just for such a "womb", the matriarch, that is trying to thwart the plans of the ridiculously inefficient inter-galactic corporation Galaktual. She not only drains resources from her native planet of aliens, but is also ready to use any unknown forms of life to create new cosmetic masks and colognes. Yes, Attack of the Earthlings is a comedy.

    In fact, we have a tactical strategy in the spirit of XCOM . Only there we fought against strangers, and then we play for them and kill people who work for Galactoil. No construction of the base and recruitment of new fighters, true, no - only turn-based battles, but it is understandable: the insect-like inhabitants of the planet X13 have their own methods of expanding numbers and solving strategic tasks. 

    Initially, we manage only the matriarch - a multi-armed monster, which, killing the screaming Galaktual employees and devouring their corpses, stores biomass, and then creates from it its numerous assistants, "sormers". Those too can eat corpses, and when biomass is enough, they use it to transform into more powerful "melee / ranged units" or scouts.

    Many situations are built on this. Managing only one or two wards, we must find a way to escape somewhere, escape, bypass the turrets and closed doors, dig in the biomass, and eventually breed so as to fully resist not the screaming engineers and cleaners of Galaktual, but the armored machine-gunners, some girls with a katana and even walking robots.

    As in XCOM , all the actions in the battle are spent on the move points, which allow not only to move and attack, but also to use different skills like strengthening armor or striking the ground, which hurts even through the walls. But this is not quite a standard "ikkomov" tactic, but a stealth variant.

    Our fighters are strong, but very vulnerable, especially in the early stages. Someone has only one turn to put down all their numerous paws, someone - two. Therefore, it is necessary to attack here from behind, not getting in the enemy's field of vision. And if it is too strong, then it is necessary to beat several "swarmers" at once - a group attack allows you to tear to pieces in one move, without giving him a chance to fight back. When the situation smells roast, you can hide your miracle in a special box, and then jump out and hit in the back - well, straight Metal Gear Solid !

    Of particular importance are the intelligence of the map and the diversion of opponents. With this role, mostly handled "drones" - these are the people whom the matriarch enslaves and turns into his weak-willed scouts. Guards and employees of Galaktoyl do not perceive their colleagues as a threat, so they can even explore the whole map. There are still especially bright "swarms", able to creep along the ventilation - so you can quickly cross long distances, get into the rear of the enemy, get out and hit in the back. Or put a trap that will immobilize the enemy for one turn.

    Step by step stealth performed by multi-armed alien monsters that devour everything around and self-reproduce, really looks fresh and interesting. In many ways also because there are very diverse and interesting missions that almost always put us in very difficult situations - for example, they make us, on an honest word and on one wing, defend the matriarch or act as a small group against a crowd of machine gunners and a huge walking robot.
    Of course, in Attack of the Earthlings there are signs of a typical "turkey" - not the most modern graphics and animation, lack of content. There are only seven missions, not many types of fighters - both in the camp of enemies, and among our strangers (sorry for the pun!). In between battles, our only entertainment (but very important) is the pumping of our alien army. For earned points in the task of the mutagen, you can open new skills like the same impact on the ground, as well as raise the level of health and damage, increase the effectiveness of attacks from behind, and so on.

    In addition to fighting there is still a funny story and more than relevant, sometimes even enchanting, humor. When we first create our own scout out of the usual security guard, whose tentacles wriggle instead of the head, the corporation's employees continue to call him Carlos, jump out of the cake, congratulating on his birthday, and only specify: he has a new haircut or the head hurts from a hang-over? 

    At one level you can see such a scene: on the reception of a psychiatrist there is a turret (yes, an ordinary turret) and complains - everyone she knows is dying. Then you go in, let the psychiatrist into the expense, and the turret earnestly peeps: "Well, again. Nooooo! "In another situation, our main enemy, one of the top managers of the corporation, descends to the matriarch again turrets, but those are cut down - simply because the leadership needed more energy for a comfortable viewing of the new militant "Warriors of the Sun 3: Smertegeddon" with sound in the format 18.1 !! 

    And such situations, funny replicas, ridiculous posters and unicorns, of which cologne make, in Attack of the Earthlings very much - a long time video games did not make me laugh in my voice.

    Rate: 10/10

    Rate this article Review: Attack of the Earthlings

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    Earthlings.... :)

    9 march 2018 17:11

    Attack of ther earthlinks good game Rated 10/10

    9 march 2018 13:23

    Its pretty good

    10 march 2018 07:37