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    Rate this article "An Indie Fighting Game - Rivals of Aether [Steam]"

    (5/5) 6 rates
    noobda, 8 march 2018 12:12

    An Indie Fighting Game - Rivals of Aether [Steam]

    There were many fighting games and many indie games on the store, but there are even Indie-fighting games too. But here this game called Rivals of Aether is actually a 2D platformer game which has the ability of being indie and a fighting game, well that just sounds similar to all other games, right? Well, lets find that out...

    Rivals of Aether:
    This game as said is an Indie fighting game which is in fact a 2D platformer game and is pretty well designed and is a multi player game, which is not quite as common as it feels. This whole game is available on steam for windows and on Xbox by the guy, Dan Fornace who infact is the developer of this game. This game is has the pretty basic fighting physics packed into an indie game therefore making it an indie game to play with acutal friends on multi player mode.

    This is how the gameplay looks like and the civilizations in the game are at war, and you'll have to fight your way up to the win, actual victory. And by the way, I forgot to mention that this game Rivals of Aether is not a free to play game instead its a paid game on steam store. The only way you can play this game is by buying the game from steam store to be able to play this game multi player. This game might get some discounts on steam sales but can't guaranty anything about that. Lets go through some steam statistics of this game...

    • Single Player game
    • Multi Player mode
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • Developer: Dan Fornace
    • Publisher: Dan Fornace
    • Release Date: 28th March, 2017
    • This game has pixel graphics [quite notable from the image above]
    • Local multi player mode available
    • Shared screen or split screen multi player mode is also there, these days there are very less games that often allow split screen support for fighting games
    • Has Steam Achievements [has a total of 25 achievements]
    • Has Steam trading cards
    • Has steam stats
    • Has Leaderboards
    • This game has full controller support [you can try using the xbox controller or any other gamepad with xinput or direct input or with xbox controls and might figure out how to make it work]
    • Has steam cloud saves option

    The above is some random screen shot from the gameplay, and the game pretty much looks like that no matter on what graphics you're running that. So, you see the pixel graphics in the game you might start thinking whether the game actually runs on your machine/laptop, well it sure does.

    The game feels like it'll also be on android but as of now, the game isn't available for android. Well lets hope we'll see that soon. This game is pretty much on steam store from one year. Has some concurrent players across times. Here are the minimum system requirements for this game, well they are obviously lower than usual as the game offers pixel graphics, but anyhow here we go,

    > almost all processors that are 64-bit and are clocked more than 1.2 GHz
    > 512 MB RAM is required by the game and that's the maximum
    > You can run this game on integrated grphics as well, yeah, intel HD graphics works pretty well here
    > Game occupies a mere 200 MB

    The game is pretty well designed and gotta say that those pixel graphics look not that bad to be frank, and that multi player is quite a bit of a thing in this game. Its quite fun and the ability to play with friends [if any] is nice, you'll find this game interesting once you try out such indie games as this is one of the classic indie fighting games, at least looks like one. You can see the gameplay before you decide, Steam: 9/10

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An Indie Fighting Game - Rivals of Aether [Steam]

    (5/5) 6 rates


    so its all worth it

    10 march 2018 17:13

    best game in the life :)

    9 march 2018 13:28

    Good game but old he earn u Steam Trading Cards

    9 march 2018 13:21