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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #17 - Summertime Madness on Gamehag! It’s time to cooperate!"

    (4.52/5) 821 rates
    Misty, 28 august 2020 11:29

    News from Gamehag #17 - Summertime Madness on Gamehag! It’s time to cooperate!

    Start the new challenge!

    Let’s start the Summer Madness on Gamehag! Something like this has never happened before! For the first time you can collect Soul Gems together to unlock rewards and bonuses available for everybody. From 24th August until 14th September all Soul Gems collected by the Gamehag community during completing the tasks and playing games will be counted and rewarded with rewards and bonuses. Join forces and you'll be able to grab them in the blink of an eye.

    Treasure path

    On the treasure map you can check the thresholds which must be reached to unlock each reward. The more Soul Gems you’ll collect, the better bonuses you’ll activate. It’s up to you when you’ll get these rewards:

    PS4 Pro console

    free chest filled with games, SG and prepaids

    SG bonuses for completing offerwall tasks

    SG bonuses for completing game tasks

    discounts on rewards

    discounts on all chests

    Power Hour

    Every Friday at 12:00 PM you’ll be able to check out how many Soul Gems have been collected by the entire Gamehag community. Based on the result, we’ll unlock the new bonuses for you. Each of the rewards will be activated after you achieve the next threshold of collected Soul Gems. So as you can see, it’s only up to you how many rewards you will get! Have fun, play games together and you’ll unlock all the rewards and bonuses in no time!

    Are you ready to take up the challenge? If you cooperate, you'll be able to unlock the entire map! Which reward or bonus you hope to win the most? Let us know!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #17 - Summertime Madness on Gamehag! It’s time to cooperate!

    (4.52/5) 821 rates


    its hard to earn gems or points

    6 september 2020 01:00

    good luck have fun

    21 september 2020 06:49

    Guys how to join SummertimeMadness

    19 september 2020 16:53

    this summer event is cool

    17 september 2020 11:12

    nice, wish it was sooner

    28 august 2020 22:58

    How do i get things?

    28 august 2020 21:37

    this even t is better for new accounts

    28 august 2020 22:56

    am i in

    29 august 2020 02:53

    how do i do the event?

    30 august 2020 20:20

    Hello everywan, who is playing roblox sometimes?

    14 september 2020 11:44