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    (4.78/5) 9 rates
    mahooo9, 16 december 2018 21:28

    NBA 2K18 review

    Because no one wrote for NBA 2018 here I decided and write for it.

    I think 2K and Visual Concepts every year manage to deliver the ultimate basketball simulation with which we must split up to find minuses. The ratio of the received novelties and negative changes in the NBA 2K series is regularly on the progress side. Every year I play at least two hundred hours of the current edition so I do not hesitate to say the following, with the NBA 2K18 we again have the best and most realistic simulation of basketball on the market. Far from being perfect, but definitely the best in the offer.

    The gameplay mechanics in the field did not change much that year. Controls have largely retained the familiar configuration so returnees in NBA 2K will not have to adapt to something new. For players who are not familiar with the controls of this basketball, there is a tutorial in which everyone can learn absolutely every move with a clear video demonstration of what should be done. This is actually a genius thing.

    I was impressed by the improved drive in / crossover system with which the player now has a greater chance of entering the basket than the opponent who keeps it, and such situations finally end with unrealistic blockades of slow centers. Earlier it would have happened to go to the crossover that I performed the best well, pass this slow center and on the attempt of laying or dying that same slow center expressly stopped me in that intention. It is now repaired and well balanced.

    With a new drive in / crossover system, the player now has a greater chance of entering the basket next to the opponent who keeps it.

    Some situations like playing balls from the players' hands or jumping for the ball look even more natural and realistic. But what diminishes the progress of all these improved things is clipping. The player in conflict with an opponent often enters into it by hand or part of the body, and this clipping is much more pronounced than in the previous years, probably due to the new drive and system.

    The slogan "Where amazing happens" has been used for a long time for the NBA league, and the NBA 2K18 extends it with Kyrie Irving's message: "Basketball is not a game, it's an art form". Basketball is a really complicated game, and the NBA 2K18 has its depth, both in the field itself and in the offer of various modes. Under the "Play Now" mode, we find several types of matchmaking, whether it's a classic match or a real-time match, and pulls statistics from the real NBA leagues. As part of this mode, you can also play an online game, as fast as possible, and matchmaking is in favor of that speed because it works without any difficulty.

    2KU mode offers us freestyle on the field, playing with one NBA teams divided into two teams, kicking the basket and training coaching tactics. The Blacktop mode is still there and gives us the ability to match one to one, up to five to five players, where you can choose whether to play across the entire field or a classic match in one basket. And finally, there is the tutorial mode mentioned above 2KU Tips Glossary.

    Here are the standard MyCareer, MyTeam, MyLeague and MyGym modes in which every basketball fan can find something for themselves. In addition to the nicely decorated and styled menu, there is also NBA 2KTV with updated episodes. Rachel DeMita leads us through the "television" relationship of NBA 2K community with NBA players, and I have to admit that year after year looks better. That approach, is not it, but Rachel herself.

    MyCareer mode is the way from bottom to top.

    The most controversy among players was caused by microtransactions, which were previously present in NBA 2K games. Not only does the game passively-aggressively stimulate you to spend real money to buy virtual shoes, clothes and props that you use to promote your NBA image, NBA 2K18 promotes and practice buying attributes for your own player.

    The game costs 60 euros, but for the additional 30 you can immediately perfect your character. Okay, that's optional, but thanks to that progress in career progress has slowed down, which has offended the fans of this series.

    The greatest novelty of MyCareer Mode is this year's quarter where you can freely move like you play Sims.

    NBA career in 2K18 starts with a registration for a basketball tournament where you are selected for the next tournament and then you get an offer from a local agent to take over your NBA future into your own hands. You choose the team you want to start your career, go to a training camp, and meet the coach and players. With you is your teammate Wells who is trying to be a partner and more or less participate in all animated scenes.

    Your career is up to 60 and it is very difficult to break through and contribute to your team since you are the weakest in the field. The slowest, the worst reflex you have and the worst the worst shot. But, with a little bit of inescapable wrangling, you're getting a rating of your character and every new game makes it easier and easier. Of course, except in street basketball with online opponents where they feel exactly the inferiority of the one who immediately buys his character using micro-transactions and has been dominating the NBA parquet since his first career match.

    Graphically, the NBA 2K18 did not go far ahead of the previous release. But as 2017 was an enviable graphic view, it still does not look like the game is out of date. That's why the music background finally came in. Soundtrack brings some of the most popular songs as well as the return of some legendary stuff we are used to to hear in the earlier NBA 2K titles as well as those that have been forgotten a bit since the NBA Live series 15 years ago. All in all, I am pleasantly surprised by the music, and I think the final step is better because I have to admit that I was frustrated in the previous games with a rather lukewarm, unmotivating soundtrack.

    NBA 2K18 has by far the best commenting team, without competition.

    The commentators' elite in the studio and (co) commentary on the ground are responsible for hours and hours of new conversations, comments, jokes and stories. The NBA 2K series has by far the best commentary team, without competition. The most special moment happened to me when, in my career, Boston Celtics, the leading Boston franchise player in the second game of the season, listened to the entire first half of Kevin Garnett, the legend of Boston and Minnesota, telling his beginnings in the NBA league and generally about basketball and what she means it to him. I knocked and almost released a tear for those twenty minutes of the stories that made me so nervous.

    The new gameplay elements refreshed the game just so much that I did not get the feeling of playing a slightly upgraded version of the 17th. However, I do not intend to ignore the huge failure with microtransactions that can buy everything and everything, including the progress of the character. Purchasing the attribute is a knife in the back for everyone to whom MyCareer mode is very important. Pardon; Not everyone, there are obviously people who received microtransactions with enthusiasm.

    It's a pity that such a decision casts a stain on an otherwise excellent product because it fails to balance the online component that is an important factor in the game. Fortunately, if you have all this time in the world and you do not mind a bit of grinding, or if MyCareer is not really interested in you, the NBA 2K18 is still the king of basketball simulations.

    Rate this article NBA 2K18 review

    (4.78/5) 9 rates


    My favorite game

    18 december 2018 12:56

    very detailed

    2 january 2019 15:32

    Good article overall. I approve!

    17 december 2018 11:56


    18 december 2018 03:30

    WOW NBA i Love it

    18 december 2018 10:33

    Bad game i can't play 2k18

    18 december 2018 19:00

    You could of added a bit more it's a tad short

    16 december 2018 23:36

    Don't see, why not. This has my vote.

    17 december 2018 10:12

    Not bad article

    18 december 2018 18:27

    It is one of the sports sagas with the most fun, their only problem is the amount of micropayments that each of their titles has, something that makes them lose the little interest that they already had.

    15 may 2020 23:24