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    (4.75/5) 12 rates
    mahooo9, 16 december 2018 21:49

    Knack 2 review

    The first Knack was one of those titles that in the early days of the PlayStation 4 console tried to demonstrate its potential, but in the end it was discarded by the reviewers and remembered as an exclusive flaw. Nearly four years later, Sony is trying to retaliate with a knife to correct the predecessor's mistakes. We've heard it a hundred times and we know how it goes - beat me once, I'm ashamed of you; you spoiled me twice ...

    It is true that the story in Knack 2 is at the level of the underdeveloped Pixar cartoon, with the character without character and one-dimensional characters that mostly repeat only one thought. That is why Knack 2 tries to fill its controversial story so that at the very beginning it will show us that everything will end on the day of judgment, before taking us away a few months before all this.

    Although the things in the finale start to resemble something acceptable, it is necessary to draw it first, therefore it is a pity that playing with superficial characters in the first few hours gives very little reason to follow this story at all.

    In addition, if you are still wondering what the devil is called Knack, the two will not give you more than just a few seconds for the charge. It is not that it matters at all, but on that particularity, Knack's foundation is the basic ability to disassemble and merge into a smaller and more shaped one. The small Knack will primarily be used for sliding through ventilation and jumping on narrow edges, and large for all those situations that are solved by raw power.

    Knock works well as a gameplay mechanic, but not as an interesting character to play.

    For the purpose of gameplay, this is what works here, but still I would still prefer some type of anthropomorphic animal like those we are otherwise dating. Why? Well, in such a case it is difficult to experience any kind of compassion with a figure that in its essence is nothing but a movable pillar.

    Looking at what I had probably spent most of my time throbbing in my eyes, but from a broader perspective I would have to admit I was having fun at all. What Knack 2 does with pleasure is really all but the story, from the struggle with various moves to the many different locations you will be spending. The answer to the initial question is, however, positive and no matter what the previous criticisms, it turns out that Knack 2 is a fairly honest game with pleasant stylized visuals and a smooth technical performance.

    Knack 2 is a fairly honest game with nice stylized visuals and smooth technical performance.

    One way Knack 2 achieves success is to battle the ways in which you consciously have to use every possible trick from the sleeve instead of just repeating it the same. Not only would this recipe reappear for some, Knack 2 is always trying to get involved in something new, whether it's new transformations, platforming segments, puzzles, or even a tank ride. But even if that's not enough of you, there are also animations with QTE sequences that allow you to indulge in Knack's innocent circus, even though I doubt that anyone is more joyful today.

    As far as the action itself is concerned, even though all opponents continue to harshly follow their set of behaviors, they are not too gloomy to let you freely let them just miss them. Moreover, because of their ruthless aggressiveness that can sometimes wipe you out of the screen in just a few seconds, I have come to the conclusion that playing Knack 2 is not an activity that is giving the brain to graze.

    A miracle, the struggle in Knack 2 is not the activity of casting the brain on the pasture.

    But that's not all because Knack 2 is also a visual treat. Graphically, maybe it's not the best thing we've ever seen, but the levels are diverse and full of colorful colors. To make the final package even more appealing, Knack 2 is also a bit longer than the whipped cream. Every time I thought it was "it," he would continue his job nonchalantly.

    For this reason, I would put the short story and characters aside with Knack II, mostly in the situation of holding at least one inch above, and those who will bring their expectations into order could therefore be pleasantly surprised here.

    When I think a little bit, most of my time persecuted my thoughts to play another God of War, only this time with less testosterone. And that "deja vu" was not just for the passive camera that takes you, the initial retrospect, the classic QTE shares, or the chests hidden behind the edge of the screen, but also because of the parts you are going through the giants as well as the riddles that hang on the push stone blocks. Almost all the recipe goes out quite identical, so if Knack really needs to borrow "inspiration" from someone to agree to a fair play, Kratos's model is actually not a bad choice either.

    In this way, the small (and large) Knack 2 will not be unnecessarily strict, because although most of it has already swallowed it, it seems to finally deliver what it was in the beginning and promise, a fair 3D platform for all ages, with which a pleasant gameplay stands in front.

    After all, progress in the right direction should sometimes be rewarded, so we hope that one day in the third continuation of Knack maybe even more will make us happy.

    Rate this article Knack 2 review

    (4.75/5) 12 rates


    Pretty good and simple game and article

    24 december 2018 20:11

    Good Game :D

    17 december 2018 18:24

    Best game

    18 december 2018 12:03

    nice article!😊😀😀

    17 december 2018 18:11

    Great job!

    17 december 2018 11:51

    Lol confused knack with knock

    18 december 2018 10:31

    As always good job
    Just try to improve the structure for future projects

    16 december 2018 23:41

    Not bad. It has my approval.

    17 december 2018 10:16

    another game I never heard of before. thanks for info

    6 july 2020 19:12

    Good stuff, never actually heard of this before.

    17 december 2018 09:17