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    (4.14/5) 51 rates
    ElectricFlint7, 30 july 2018 15:51

    Naruto Online - Everything You Need To Know

    Naruto Online is a browser massively multiplayer online role playing game. The game allows you to assume your own character from five options, each with their own specialties in ninjutsu and others, and follow the original Naruto storyline as an add-along.

    In Naruto Online's interface your progress is stored onto a server's cache i.e. your data will always be on the same server so don't go to any random server and expect to find your save there! The five characters in Naruto Online that you can choose from are :-

    • Azure Fang - Uses Suiton(Water Style) and Medical Ninjutsu, Female Character
    • Crimson Fist - Uses Doton(Earth Style) and Taijutsu, Male Character
    • Scarlet Blaze - Uses Katon(Fire Style) and Genjustu, Male Character
    • Breeze Dancer - Uses Futon(Wind Style) and Rasengans, Female Character
    • Midnight Blade - Uses Raiton(Lightning Style) and Kenjutsu, Male Character
    (Note Taijutsu refers to Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kenjutsu to Sword-Fighting and Genjutsu to Illusions)
    Now don't worry you can still pick what your name is – the names stated above are just the names of the character classes. Now don't be fooled by the fact that Breeze Dancer can use Rasengans since Midnight Blade can use Chidori(All the types), Crimson Fist can create barriers to even double your character's health(!), Scarlet Blaze can activate a burn effect on opponents as well as put them to sleep and Azure Fang can use the Mitotic Regeneration jutsu.

    In Naruto Online you create your own team of characters by winning characters in events, drawing them in Seal Treasures and completing plot and elite instances(battles / story mode). This enables you to collect practically any ninja in the Naruto world. From all the Six Paths of Pain to Nagato's Edo Tensei, The Sannin during the Third Great Shinobi World War, Kisame in Samehade Fusion Mode, Itachi - Susanoo, Naruto Sage Mode, Hinata Great Ninja War, the list goes on.

    In Naruto Online you also indulge in interesting team play with friends and random players you find on the map, but if you want you can play it without any of these interactions. In Naruto Online's weekly events majority profit can be reaped only in teams. Additional to teams there are also Groups. Although a team can only consist of three players a group can consist of a maximum 50-200 players. Using groups you can capture Group Summons to make yourself stronger, participate in the Great Ninja War against other groups and also do convoys and plunders. The game when played is rather self-explanatory this is just an article to get you interested. However if you have any questions please fell free to ask them in the comments section. If you're interested my username is KazekageTatsu from server 903:Shimenawa. Be sure to check out my other articles related to gaming because even if they cost cash that's what we're earning here. Thank you.

    Rate this article Naruto Online - Everything You Need To Know

    (4.14/5) 51 rates

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    Become a ninja now in Naruto Online, a brand new browser (or client) MMORPG licensed by Bandai Namco, where we are able to take part of the epic adventure known from the Masashi Kishimito's manga.In fact, we have a choice between 5 characters with different skills - two young ladies and three guys, each of them having their own ...


    i didnt like n **** its getting beter :p

    12 july 2020 17:30

    I grew up on anime like naruto and dbz. Love it or hate it, its my childhood anime.

    4 june 2020 15:22

    Don't like Naruto, but love the game

    17 april 2020 18:15

    Helpfull. Thanks man

    14 may 2020 09:13

    thank you for the article😇

    1 april 2020 11:32

    Naruto is pretty cool. I hate it though.

    7 march 2020 06:34

    I love naruto games a lot, because i love naruto anime

    8 april 2020 21:51

    oh man, nostalgia, I used to love Naruto

    7 april 2020 03:27

    Thanks so much! I will use this to help me.

    10 april 2020 15:25

    nice game and good article but I have problem with this game its Icant finshed the tasks

    1 april 2020 18:58