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    (4.47/5) 191 rates
    Sebastian50, 9 june 2020 17:40

    Mortal Kombat 11 (Game Review)

    Hey guys in this article I’m going to have a review for Mortal Kombat 11 which was produced by NetherRealm game studio in 2019 and won the best fighting game reward of IGN. I explained about some selected sections of this game before in my previous articles; so, I’m not going to talk about them here and the main goal of this article is to have a review of the base game. However, if you are interested to know about them, check them here:

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    Mortal Kombat 11 is a sequel of its previous version (MKX), it continues the storyline and the events that happened before in the world of Mortal Kombat. Compared to its previous versions, it has many changes like graphic improvements, fighting style and new features, different type of towers, and much more which I’m going to mention them in the following of my article.


    The story begins just where the MKX story got ended, the thunder God (Raiden) was upset about the sad things he had to face in the past. So, he decided to wear the Shinnok amulet and deliver his cut off head to the Nether Realm revenant warriors as a warning. Kronika (the mother of Shinnok) was worried about the things that were going to happen. As the keeper of the time, she had to save the balance of the history, and Raidens actions were against her will. So, she decided to merge the time to prevent the bad things (in her opinion) from happening in the future.

    By merging the time, past characters met their new versions of themselves. Raiden got removed from this history and the old Raiden got replaced him. Kronika assembled many of past characters to defend her Hour Glass until her work for the new era gets finished. She promised many things to them and encouraged them to help her against her enemies. On the other side, there were Earth Realm warriors who were aware of Kronikas bad intentions; so, they had to stop her before everything they knew, get lost.

    Many cool things are going to happen in the Storyline of Mortal Kombat 11 and I’m not going to spoil all of them but as you noticed so far, the story contains the contest between the past and present of the characters and the fights for changing the history of MK universe.



    If you experienced the MK previous versions, you probably know how much the Gameplay has been changed. At the first glance, the movements of characters look a little slow that you think you can’t make a good combo with them but when you play more matches, you will notice it’s not slow at all.

    X-Ray moves got replaced with the Fatal Blow moves. Fatal Blow is available when your character’s health falls below 30%. You can use this move only for one time during the match and they can change the result of a round for sure. Krushing Blow moves also got added to the game and they are totally different for each playable character. These moves usually break the opponents’ bones and cause huge damage to them.

    Three amplify bars got replaced with two specific types of Defense and Offense bars. Defense bars are helping to do some moves like: Getting up, Rolling, Escaping, and using Arena interactions. Offensive bars are helping to amplify combos to do more damage to the enemies. Both of these bars regenerate just by-passing the time in the combat and include 2 bar meters.

    Normal grab moves are no longer usable to grab the opponent in the middle of the air. Combo breaker moves cost 2 bars of defense and stop the enemy combo and allocate less damage to them; however, if your opponent uses Anti combo breaker move, you will be damaged and even get punished with a Krushing blow.

    Besides 2 fatalities and many Brutalities for each character, they can now perform Mercy, Friendship, and even stage fatalities. By performing Mercy to the opponents, they will get some extra health and another chance for defeating you.



    Many new cool things have been added to the game so far and many will be too. They are too many to mention but I try to count them as many as I can.

    Daily shop: It offers many items to buy with the game currency and your real money and it gets updated every 24 hours.

    Krypt: Bring a new exciting feature to be an unknown person who discovers Shang Tsung island. By opening some chests and finding secret Kronika vault, you can earn many items. There are lots of work to do in there that amuse you for so many hours.

    Towers: There are so many towers to be completed and so many rewards to be gained. [If you want to know more about them, check my previous article.]

    AI battles – Specific characters’ endings – Huge customizations – Online features – and much more…



    The game graphic looks so much better from its previous versions and everything looks more realistic now. The music of MK11 is so cool and matches for each scene of the game. I suggest you experience it by yourself to understand better about them.

    In the end, if you are a fan of fighting games, do not miss the opportunity to play Mortal Kombat 11. This game transfers an amazing feel of fights with some violence of course; but, if you don’t have any problem seeing some drops of blood in your game, MK11 is the best choice. If you have read my first article about this game, you probably know what is my personal score; however, I mention it here again:


    Rate this article Mortal Kombat 11 (Game Review)

    (4.47/5) 191 rates


    This is a good article keep up the good work! Its really nice! I might try this game who knows?

    10 june 2020 23:32

    i like scopion because the chain

    20 june 2021 03:06

    i always liked mortal kombat and now You save written such a food articole about IT. Best game

    25 july 2020 03:17

    do you know how to play this hehe!!

    25 june 2020 02:13

    cool article, good job

    23 june 2020 08:38

    I have been playing Mortal Kombat since the first episode was released on the Sega Mega Drive 16bit console, and I will never allow this fighting game.

    6 september 2020 04:47

    Didn't think much of MK11 till I saw this article. I guess it did improve more than I thought! Anyways, nice article.

    27 july 2020 15:50

    Scorpion before corona:Get over here!!
    Also Scorpion after corona:Stay over ther

    5 march 2021 17:59

    i actually found this enteresting well done gamehag😄

    10 june 2020 18:45

    Hey there, just wanted to let you know that you're article is really well written! I like your custom banners, hope to see them in future submissions!

    10 june 2020 18:01