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    (4.41/5) 132 rates
    Sebastian50, 5 june 2020 01:19

    Mortal Kombat Aftermath (Worth it or not?)

    Hey guys, in this article I’m going to talk about the newest DLC that’s come for Mortal Kombat 11, it’s called: Aftermath! I’m not really going to spoil the DLC story that much, so don’t worry if you still have a plan for buying it. The main point of this article is to know about the Pros and Cons of this new DLC and deciding about: Is it worth buying or not?

    As a fan of Mortal Kombat series, I can say: each MK has its features and excitements, but Mortal Kombat 11 is the best of them. By-passing the time, the producer of the series (NetherRealm studio) tried to create a better fighting game each time, and I can confirm they were totally successful. MK11 was produced in 2019 and brought a new spirt to the fighting games. Although it couldn’t win the prize of the “Best Fighting Game of the year” in the Game Awards, it became the Best Fighting Game of IGN in that year. Almost after one year, the game team decided to offer the Aftermath DLC, something similar that happened to the previous MK (Mortal Kombat X) and turned it to MKXL.


    As I said before I’m not going to spoil the new story mode which continues the MK11 main storyline but I can mention some points of it which is clearly obvious in DLC game trailers. After defeating Kronika by the God of thunder and fire (Liu Kang), it’s now the time to shape a better history by the hands of our new hero. For being the keeper of time and shaping the history of realms, Liu Kang asked Raiden to help him but, both of them were unaware of the consequences of destroying the Soul Crown which was needed for the complete control of the Hour Glass.

    After Kronika’s death, some prisoners got free and one of them was Shang Tsung. This sorcerer talked about the problems they will face for creating the new timeline and offered them a doubtful request. He asked for sending him to the past to prevent the destruction of the Soul Crown. Although Raiden disagreed about the Shang Tsung plan, Liu Kang agreed and sent him with some companions. So, the new adventure got started…



    MK aftermath is available on the online stores for the price of 40$, it includes a brand new storyline that contains: 2-3 hours of gameplay with outstanding cinematic senses, 3 new characters to play and if you preordered it, you could get an extra skin pack for three characters (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Frost) and one unique skin for Jonny Cage.

    However, it is not all bonuses you will get, I will mention more of them in the following of my article. This DLC came out with a huge update that has brought many new features to this game, such as: Friendships, 4 new Arenas, stage Fatalities, new towers of times, characters Buffs and Nerfs, some discoveries and much more; and the good part is: the things I mentioned are totally FREE! It means if you don’t have the new DLC, still all of them are available for you if you have the main game.



    If you have already read some criticisms of this new DLC, you probably haven’t heard about many good points of it. Unlike some critics who just pay attention to some superficial things, I will look deeply at the changes and values. So, many of them say 40$ is so expensive for a DLC that contains a new story mode and 3 playable characters, but I say this is not the whole thing you will get by buying this DLC, it also contains many rewards that only gainable for the owner of this content and there is no way to get them through the other ways. Besides getting extra MK coins and crystals of time (the purchasable currency of this game that can be used to buy many contents from the shop) you will get some unique outros, character skins, special gears, costume contents and more… and they are all gainable just by completing this new story mode.

    Honestly, there aren’t many bad points about this DLC, but, many players say they should have added a better character instead of Robo-Cop. Although his look and movements are cool and they used the same announcer for his voice, some fans think this character shouldn’t be designed to be in MK11 as a guest character. Many doesn’t like his combos and many believe he is a heavy character to play. As I said before about the price of this DLC and the items it contains, still many players don’t like to see this price for an add on content; so we can consider it as a negative point. (However, I believe this price is fair.)



    If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat 11, you know better than me how is it so much exciting to see new content for this game. In my opinion, the producers made a great content that can amuse you for more hours, so if you like MK11, you probably like this new DLC too and because of its cool features it’s worth buying. My suggestion for purchasing this content is waiting for some discounts, then grab it and enjoy playing…

    I hope you enjoyed reading this article, let me know what do you think about this DLC in the comment section below, my personal score for MK11 base game was 9/10, and for this new content is:


    Rate this article Mortal Kombat Aftermath (Worth it or not?)

    (4.41/5) 132 rates


    I don't really care of the story mode this game is just pure fun in multy

    6 june 2020 01:43

    yea cool game u should play it

    8 june 2020 20:21

    Good article, discussing an interesting theme. I believe its worth it

    8 june 2020 20:20

    Super Worth it! LOL, that for my brain say.

    10 august 2020 08:29

    great quality and good aricle, keep it up

    7 june 2020 09:13

    I like the whole article design and arrangement, but I feel you talked only about two things. A new charecter and the price. What about the story ? Did you enjoy playing it ? What about the other features added to the game ?

    12 june 2020 14:58

    It is a new installment that continues to have the quality both in its history and gameplay of previous games, the only bad thing is the amount of paid dlcs there are, something that angers any player, so I will wait for a goty version to come out and Even a much lower price.

    5 june 2020 19:28

    Great article. Hehe I remember when mortal combat was all the hype. Good writing very interesting. Ps. Dont you do the clash royale articles too?

    7 june 2020 06:11

    Every feature in this game amazes me, the developers did a good job in the gruesomeness of the game, I would like to try it.

    7 june 2020 11:26

    it is worth it i think

    8 june 2020 01:15