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    Vadeus, 10 november 2017 05:15

    Looking into Dota 2's new update

    Duelling Fates!

    Finally, the long-awaited update is here!

    Now let's see some changes

    Pangolier and Dark Willow 

    1st off, I was excited to see them in the trailer, it showed the skills of Pangolier, but none on Dark Willow

    So Pangolier is based off a Pangolin (If you didn't notice the name) and has some interesting abilities,

    1st is the Swashbuckler, you can dash then attack the enemy, great escape? I think so, and it's a physical ability :) how nice is that?

    Next is the Shield Crash, he turns into a ball then leaps and slams to the ground. Gaining incoming damage reduction per hero hit, and can also be used when using your ultimate. Pretty neat ability.

    Next is Heartpiercer, this ability has a change to negate enemy ARMOR, how cool is that? Dragon Knight and Bristleback better watch out! Also slows the enemy with it.

    Last but not the least is Rolling Thunder! Turns into a ball and rolls, stunning any enemy that gets in the way, and bounces back on any walls or ledge.

    Now Dark Willow

    1st skill is Bramble Maze, which is a literal maze, with prickly vines that can root  and damage you, perfect for initiating 

    2nd is Shadow realm, pretty much like Slark's ultimate, but you cant attack, next magical damage you deal with an enemy will be increased, great for escape? I think so too

    3rd is Cursed crown, much like oracle's fortune's end, but you don't have to channel it, instead, it's a timer

    4th and 5th, Bedlam and Terrorize, these skills include your pet, Jex, Bedlam releases Jex and makes it go around you while it rapidly attacks enemies, while Terrorize is like Lone Druid's savage roar, making enemies fear and running to their fountain

    Now there are a lot of patch changes, hero reworks, and new items included in the update, like how Pudge can hook runes, map changes and much more
    A lot of bugs too :3

    Hope you enjoyed this, see you in the next article!

    Rate this article Looking into Dota 2's new update

    (1.8/5) 5 rates


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