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    (4/5) 13 rates
    FaizKTG, 27 december 2018 22:18

    Learn to Fly 3 review

    Hello everyone! welcome to my first article and game review, today we gonna review this game called Learn to Fly 3! 
    Learn to Fly 3 is a flash game available on steam from free, You fly as a penguin trying to get to the moon. You build, customize and upgrade a spaceship and try to fly as high as you can with it till you get to the moon. This game has 4 "fun" gamemodes you can play after finishing the first one, and with each gamemodes you unlock new upgrades for your spaceship and new challenges. You probably played a similar game like that one in your childhood

    The game starts with a funny cutscene and a tutorial. after that, you go straight to the shop where you buy and upgrade your spaceship. after finishing the upgrades you can click "ready" and enter the game. your "spaceship" will launch to the air and you get to control it, try to not hit anything in your way. and also wait till your fuel ends to get a game over and earn money. you can now use the money to get better stages/boosts and repeat the same process (click ready, wait, and upgrade) because you will do that for a long time! longer than you think... well when you reach 200.000 altitudes you will go to the moon! and finish the story. now you'll earn a new gamemode called "payload" This gameplay of this mode is literally the same but with payloads that ruin your speed and make the game as boring as it was! The gameplay gets really boring, literally the only thing you do ingame is just controlling your spaceship and wait till your fuel ends so you earn money and use them to upgrade your ship so you get to a higher altitude... see! this game is fun! (end me) the other gamemodes are also the same with fewer changes.
    This gameplay is pretty fun and funny at the start but gets boring so quickly because of how repetitive it is. but other than that the game is good and will bring your childhood memories (if you ever played these kinds of games) I recommend this game for people who played LtF 1 and 2 as a kid because... NOSTALGIA! also, I gotta say the game get challenging when you play the 4million altitude gamemode, took me days to finish it the first time.
    Gameplay: 3/5

    You can customize almost everything in the game, your character, your spaceship and the game hud and music. The customization of this game is pretty cool and it allows you to be somehow creative but you need to buy most of the stuff using BP, and to earn these you need to complete the gamemodes.
    customization: 4/5 

    game modes:
    as I said before there are 4 gamemodes and most of them are the same but with higher difficulty. 
    -let's start with "story" This gamemode is the normal one where you fly to get to the moon but you can choose the difficulty of it, there are 4 difficulties you can choose. 
    -The second gamemode is payload and in this, you put payloads on your spaceship and you have to upgrade and lower your spaceship's weight so you can fly higher and complete the challenges you get
    -the third is classic, this mode allows you to play the same game but horizontally! yay!
    -the forth is sandbox, this mode speaks for itself. you can do everything in this mode
    the gamemodes are repetitive as I said, play them only if you want some challenge.
    game modes: 2/5
    microtransactions for a flash game? whaaaaaa??? Yep, see there is actually something called "sardines" you use these to get better ingame items. You need to pay money to get those but if you want to get them for free then be sure to have some free time because you gotta repeat all of the gamemodes for like more than 5 times to get enough sardines so you can buy everything in the shop.  it's a free game, BUDDY.
    MT: 4ea/5ea 
    Flash 2d graphics, what would you think? well the graphics don't really look bad, they are cartoony and you know, flash graphics...  The graphics aren't much of a big of a deal for a flash game but holy god you must reduce the game graphics because of how unoptimized the game is. 
    Graphics: 2/5
    Let's talk about how unoptimized the game is, This game barely hits 30 fps on my pc and lowering the graphics didn't make much of a difference. based on the steam reviews, lots of people with a much better computer than mine are leaving negative reviews about the optimization of this game. a flash game barely runs on a high-end pc... can you believe it? This is literally the only reason why I don't like this game that much.
    This game is fun at the start but gets repetitive and boring, the game modes are the same and the optimization sucks but you can still enjoy the game with higher difficulty and you will get more items as you progress.
    I'm gonna rate this game: 2/5

    Rate this article Learn to Fly 3 review

    (4/5) 13 rates


    Meme rewiew

    19 may 2019 19:30

    3 already?

    22 june 2020 19:26

    Great job on the article

    26 december 2019 05:51


    29 december 2018 20:27

    fgood job, bad game

    30 december 2018 09:47

    it has unique style.

    30 december 2018 09:15


    29 december 2018 09:26

    I kind of want to get it but dont want to waste any space lol

    31 december 2018 17:35

    good work

    29 december 2018 09:08

    Not bad keep going and improving

    28 december 2018 10:37