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    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 27 december 2018 21:42

    Best USP-S Skins

    Today i am going to help you guys to choose a USP-S skin in Counter Strike Global Offensive.USP-S is a powerful gun that is used by the Counter terrorist team and every one like this weapon so that's why i choose USP-S to show skins for this weapon.Just to remind you that this weapon have a silencer and the skins looks so sick with both the silencer and without the silencer.

    I put the skins for every budget so by reading this article every one with any type of budget can choose their favorite skin.I did not include StatTrack weapon.You can also add stickers to these skins to make them more sick looking.These skins are all my opinion so if you do not like my opinions and this article get rejected so i will make part 2.(but please this took me some hard work so do not reject it :)).

    1) USP-S Kill Confirmed :

    USP-S kill confirmed is a very sick looking skin and if you ask me so it is the sickest looking skin ever in the game in my opinion.It has a beautiful looking and very well designed Skull on the handle which is the best spot for the Skull to be, and also the bullet coming out the skull is also very sick looking and the design of the bullet coming out of the skull.The red and white color is very sick.The dark color scheme of the gun is very beautiful.Starting from $80 to $23.34 is a little too expensive but if you have a high budget so i really recommend you to buy this skin but in a lower float or wear.

    2) USP-S Orion :

    USP-S Orion is a very bright and sick looking skin.With some gloves and some matching stickers with this USP-S Orion skin makes it so beautiful and attracting.The skin is very sick looking.I really like the orange scheme.The Black and White combination of the skin is the best.The side on the silencer is very attracting and i really recommend you to get this skin if you like the orange skins or you are building a orange inventory.Starting from $42.20 to $10.47.Do not buy battle scared and well worn because they are not  good looking and they are very expensive.

    3) USP-S Cyrex : 

    This skin is a very interesting skin and this is very sick and cheap as well.This skin has very good color scheme,The red and black combination is very awesome.This skin become so more sick looking with stickers.I will recommend you to get this skin and get stickers on it as it is so cheap and sick.Starting from $4.50 to $1.86 is very cheap and sick looking skin.

    4) USP-S Cortex :

    This skin in my opinion good looking for it's price.If you are are a casual player and not a hardcore player so i recommend you to get this skin as this is a very peaceful and lovely looking skin.I like how the skull's brain is popped out of the skull and is spread all over the gun.At the silencer it says USP with the skull's brain.This is also very cheap.I will really not recommend you to get stickers for this skin as it will ruin the whole skin.Starting from $21.53 to $6.14 is a really  good looking skin for it;s price.

    5) USP-S Neo-Noir :

    This skin is the best skin for the USP-S in my opinion.This is just so attracting and the fact that this is the newest USP-S skin in the is just awesome.If you do not like the Kill confirmed so i really recommend you to get this skin.The skin is also a cheap skin.Medium and high budget people could easily afford this skin.This skin has a beautiful drawing of a girl laying down.Starting from $48.71 to $11.61 is a really good skin for it's price.

    This is it guys.I hope you enjoyed and i hope it helped you guys a lot and hopefully now you are able to choose a skin for USP-S skin.

    Rate this article Best USP-S Skins

    (3.75/5) 20 rates


    these skins are just amazing

    21 march 2020 17:10


    3 june 2020 01:51


    28 december 2018 17:28


    28 december 2018 13:26


    28 december 2018 19:58

    I thing the first one is the best one

    28 december 2018 19:56


    28 december 2018 19:47

    Cyrex is the best

    28 december 2018 11:13


    28 december 2018 10:48

    Yes this is good article

    28 december 2018 10:30