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    (4.6/5) 90 rates
    Misty, 4 october 2019 17:48

    League of Angels III - review

    League of Angels III is a browser MMORPG. Just like previous two parts, the gameplay pleases the eye with beauty and refinement of details. The graphics in this part are three-dimensional and extremely refined. It is very pleasant to receive. Can a position win the hearts like its previous two parts? Definitely!

    To begin with, I will reveal an unfortunate card to you. League of Angels, like its predecessor, is also equipped with micropayments and an energy replenishment system. The game is possible to pass without using the option of paying with real money, which affects the time of regeneration speed, but it is much easier if you decide to use them. I am a fan of the League of Angels series, therefore I accept it as a normal and standard feature of these games and I have no problems investing in entertainment time. However, if you want to skip this item and play for free, be patient. Energy renews quite slowly by itself.

    However, the game makes up for it in other aspects. First of all, the above-mentioned graphics. The third part of the game offers a really high level of visual experience. League of Angels III in my opinion is one of the best graphically refined browser games available on the market. The game has been enriched with more characters and additional elements to effectively interest the player. The soundtrack of a professional symphony orchestra also deserves a special recognition.

    In this part, the game developers focused on well-known solutions, but improved and refreshed them slightly. Is this a disadvantage? Rather not, fans will certainly be pleased. Betting on something completely new would have been an unnecessary risk. Why change something that is good? Mechanics draw on previous parts of the handful, but some amenities and improvements are also visible. I will not bore you with the details, because it is possible that the third part is the first one you reach for.

    The game is heavily automated and will not allow players to get lost or to get into an impossible situation. In my opinion, the gameplay is focused on filling the time and relaxation, does not aspire to be a work that will break hearts, annoy and disrupt the daily routine. By its nature it is supposed to be a nice addition that will help you fill each day. League of Angels III is a very pleasant time passover. It is worth playing it regularly, because the creators appreciate daily activities and offer interesting rewards for them.

    This is a great game for everyone who wants to quickly feel the value of their character. Character development increases quite quickly and indeed the parameters can achieve very impressive results.

    The game offers only two characters - male and female. Don't let it fool you, despite the small variety of the characters, they can have very different skills, be very strong or weak. As the game develops, gaining experience, and acquiring various artifacts, the characters evolve and acquire very individual features.

    The games are fast, not monotonous and difficult. Just be careful, we spend gold on it, because the further we are, the greater the need to improve the equipment, giving us the opportunity to fight with bosses. It is better to save, because getting them is not easy.

    League of Angels III is a pleasant game focused on relaxing the player and providing him with a pleasant game. He fulfills his mission one hundred percent. The game will be liked by everyone who wants to fill the time with something and does not have to be fans of the fantasy world. The gameplay is so pleasant that it will also attract a follower of a completely different style.

    Rate this article League of Angels III - review

    (4.6/5) 90 rates

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    League of Angels III

    League of Angels III is another version of one of the most popular browser games MMO RPG, its earlier parts - League of Angels and League of Angels II - count tens of millions of registered users from around the world.The third part is for improved graphics, optimized gameplay and an even more extensive quest system, thanks to w...


    epic game i really like it

    11 october 2019 18:45

    Looks like it's a good one.

    15 october 2019 22:37

    Nice very good

    15 october 2019 17:40


    12 october 2019 03:19

    Nice man thus is epic wadfle time

    7 october 2019 18:36

    I need more and more exp for more robux i need the robux i love robuyx hehehe aslo i play mad city so i need to by things.

    7 october 2019 15:28


    7 october 2019 15:26

    Might take a look at this game after your interesting article, thank you!

    7 october 2019 15:17

    Nice Game

    7 october 2019 13:51

    never played this game before

    7 october 2019 13:02