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    (5/5) 1 rating
    noobda, 18 december 2017 21:25

    Layers of Fear [Steam] - Review

    Just a horror game which is both indie and horror at the same time... And this game is also available for the MACs at the same time its available for the consoles, so there might be a lot more players for this game across various platforms.

    This game is pretty story based game, and is quite story contained than anything else in the game, so it has been tagged as story rich game... justifies the tag though
    REad along to find out more about this game called Layers of Fear... 

    Layers of Fear:

    This game is not a free to play game, and requires the purchase of the whole game either on steam (for PC) and other retailers for other consoles. And for your information this game is given away for free by HUMBLE BUNDLE steam users, I mean it was a humble way to give away steam keys for the game which is pretty horror and indie at the same time, there might be some holiday specials going on at humble bundle, as they were on fire all this month. So, coming to the game, Layers of Fear...

    This game is highly based on story and exploration of the area you're alloted to play in the game. It has a pretty neat and good sound track which was composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski, it's pretty good to be honest. It's what gives this game a good horror prespective along side. The exploration in this game is pretty terrifying as you'll come across many things which are quite disturbing and have a chance to get your attention straight away.

    The above is a screen shot from the game itself, it's been good graphic intense game to some extent where it can be said that the story matters more than the graphics of the game, so don't mind about the graphics even though this game requires some sort of a small graphics card to be able to render good visuals, you can always play the game without any... but you'll have to compromize on the visuals and eye candy terrifying gore incidents in the game.

    Here are some of the steam statistics of the game Layers of Fear: especially tagged as psychological horror game...

    • Single Player
    • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive
    • Release date: 16th Feb 2016 [on steam]
    • Developers: BlooberTeam SA
    • Publisher: Aspyr
    • Has 27 Steam Achievements
    • Partial controller support but you always have the xbox compatibility with x360ce controls
    • Steam cloud saves
    • Steam Trading cards
    • Available for all OSs, windows, Steam OS, Linux, and MAC
    • Engine: Unity
    • Available on PlayStation4, xbox one, Nintendo Switch, and steam of course
    • Designers: Pawel Niezbitowski and Michal Krol (had to mention them...)

    Here are the minimum, actual recommended system requirements to be able to play this game on windows...

    > Intel Core 2 Quad, Basically any processor which is a Dual Core is enough for this indie game
    > 4GB of RAM is more than enough to play this game flawlessly
    > 1GB of Graphics card is required, either its dedicated or integrated, doesn't matter
    > The game is around 5-6GB, so you might need 6GB of HDD space

    This game actually won some of the awards from 3rd party reviewers as the best horror and the best indie game of 2016

    This is a basic indie game which is full of exagaration filled with anxiety... You won't regret playing this game, you'll never feel like this was an indie game for crying out loud, well, this game gains your full concentration and you'll start feeling some anxiety towards this game for sure...
    To close this off, here are some of the best ratings from trusted reviewers from the internet...

    > Steam - 9/10
    > Attack of the Fanboy - 4/5
    > Wccftech - 7.8/10
    > GamePlanet - 7/10
    > The Escapist - 5/5
    > Games Radar+ - 5/5
    > Digitally Downloaded - 5/5

    So, that concludes it...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Layers of Fear [Steam] - Review

    (5/5) 1 rating


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