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    (5/5) 1 rating
    Mrdox, 18 december 2017 20:56

    Super Lucky’s Tale| Review

    Super Lucky's Tale is a three-dimensional platform game from the Playful Development Team and Microsoft's release. It is the second part of the game that was previously released as a launch address for the Oculus Rift. The game is released to the PC with exclusive Xbox-One at the household level. The game and the experience you offer.

    The story of the game is simple as usual games type, Lucky Fox is a small aspiring to become one of the guards who protect the world as his sister Lyra, one day Lyra returns from the last adventures to fall plane and here Lucky accelerates to confirm the authenticity of his sister to find racing to a book called The Book of Ages And then suddenly jumps out a strange light from the book to draw around him into the worlds contained in this book and here Lucky rescue his sister to be drawn to the Great Book and here begins your adventure to defeat the gang Litter and prevent it from controlling the book, which can rewrite the history .

    The technical level of the game is modest and expected from Indy game and the game is beautiful in its technical direction but it does not upgrade to the current generation devices. The technical level varies between regions. The melodies provided by the game are beautiful but they are similar and often identical to the games we have heard in the most popular platforms. This aspect.

    The game experience is simple. You have the ability to move in different directions with a button to jump and finally a button. You can drill in the ground and move underneath it to collect the golden pieces that are hidden there. The game quotes from different platform games and very clearly from the Super Mario games in many of its ideas Character names distributed in several areas around each level and the star collector allowance you collect lucky cards and every 300 coins you collect will give you a new fortune sheet and you will need these cards in a certain number so you can enter the leaders' encounters.

    To eliminate your enemies by beating them with your tail to make them feel dizzy and the basic way to eliminate them is by jumping on them and when you get damaged 3 times you will lose, the game although the citation is clear but it offers a pleasant and good experience but not very challenging as it does not give you any little challenge and may be Final defeat in the game presents a good challenge as the game suffers from some design problems Sometimes you think that you will judge your opponent but you are harmed by the touch and in many cases you jump to another platform and you are sure that you arrived but you fall and this is repeated very annoying Unfortunately, unlike other games platforms This game will not provide any new abilities or mechanics play with the progress which remains the experience as they are throughout the period of play.

    A pleasant experience in general - nice art direction
    Technical level is uneven and does not upgrade to the capabilities of the current generation - a routine experience and does not offer any new platform games - the absence of challenge and very easy puzzles
    Super Lucky's Tale is not a bad game and offers a good experience but does not offer anything new and quotes from the most famous games clearly and without the challenge may be suitable for the young audience but is not suitable for those looking for the challenge of fans of platform games

    Mrdox /gamehag.com

    Rate this article Super Lucky’s Tale| Review

    (5/5) 1 rating


    bigger the SSD faster the disk will be...

    Is this true?

    19 december 2017 18:33

    @Noob Bigger SSDs tend to have more parallel memory chips, and generally are faster.

    21 december 2017 11:34