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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 18 december 2017 20:49

    Simple Review A Hat in Time

    A Hat in Time Another project supported by the Kickstarter platform, which was completed this year, finally reached home appliances on December 5, after it was available last month on the PC. The game came from Gears for Breakfast, Humble Bundel is responsible for the famous digital store on the PC. It is derived from the Super Mario 64 and Banjoo-Kazooie games and other classic platform games that have already presented great experiences and we will teach you more about the game through the next review.

    The story talks about the girl that the game does not refer to any particular name and sometimes referred to as Some Girl, which was returning to the planet on board her ship, which derives its energy from the pieces of time that resemble the hours of sand and after passing by a planet called Mafia planet intercepted her journey in a way that lost All the pieces of time that you have owned and scattered around the Mafia planet and here start your journey to find those pieces.

    Despite the fact that the game offers a simple and beautiful artistic approach, the technical appearance is not the expected level, the Sceen and the details of the environment seem surprisingly ribbed and inaccurate. Also, the lighting in the game is very disturbing in areas that should be dark. In a way that makes the vision difficult, the game does not contain any obvious technical errors and offers a good level in its melodies that will remind you of some classic titles in its direction.

    Your adventure in the game is divided into 4 different chapters followed by a final confrontation of one of the leaders, each chapter of the story takes you to a different region of the planet, which is characterized by its orientation and tunes that distinguish it and in each region will meet new enemies and a new set of puzzles and challenges for mobility between platforms and game You are trying hard to provide a form of diversification in content, control is limited to movement and button to hit with a button you can jump when jumping or crawling on the ground and your personality does not have any powers of its own Here comes the role of your hat, there are several types of hats you will find in the world The game T that you gathered a certain number of balls of wool to manufacture.

    Each hat gives you a unique ability. Some make you run fast. Some will allow you to interact with elements in the intangible environment. You will need these different types of hats to progress in the game and its challenges. You will also find hooks that can attach to some environment to reach high places. Or skip the areas where you can not jump over it. It is worth mentioning that the movement between the platforms may be inaccurate sometimes, which makes you fall even though you actually arrived at the podium, the experience of playing fairly good and pleasant and each chapter of the story will at least face to One of the leaders and these confrontations help to change the routines of traditional missions.

    The game offers some secret missions hidden and will provide a set of secret missions that you will be able to access through the tasks that you have previously, where you are given a picture from within the task environment that you completed with reference to the new task site and you look inside the environment to find that place.

    Beyond the main and secret tasks, the game does not provide any other type of content effectively and when the basic experience is completed there is nothing you can actually do but try to collect everything from the time pieces and solve simple puzzles that may require you to assemble some elements in the environment and the original experience is not really encouraging To be returned after its termination for the first time.

    The game does not offer anything new for platform games but the experience is fairly good and pleasant and the average life of the experiment ranges from 10 to 12 hours, the experience would have been better and the title might have the opportunity to offer a better experience if it came out of traditional ideas and started to present its own ideas .

    Rate this article Simple Review A Hat in Time

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    Was this autotranslated, I can't tell.

    21 december 2017 11:39