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    (4.27/5) 11 rates
    Merisor, 29 september 2018 20:13

    Late Shift Review and Story

    Late Shift
    -Interactive film and adventure game
    -Developer CtrlMovie Ltd
    -Publishers: CtrlMovie Ltd and Wales Interactive
    -Released on March 2016
    -Price : 12,99€

              Late Shift is one of the most known interactive film game ever made . The game's main protagonist is Matt a student who's working at a parking lot. He is played by Joe Sowerbutts most known for his role in Capture the Castle and also he voiced Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone game. The whole story takes place in London where Matt has the worst night of his life or the best ,depending on the choices he's going to make.
            The game starts with Matt starting his night shift , everything is normal , a girl and an mature man ask Matt to park their car and after some time the girl comes back to ask Matt for the keys of the car , she tells him that she made a bet that she can get to a party with a very expensive car. Matt sees a man sneaking behind a car and goes there to check . The man takes him hostage using a gun and forces him to drive at a house. At the house he's making a deal with Jeffrey and Simon in order to take the driver's place because he broke his arm. They accept and than go at an action where Samuel Parr sells a very old bowl from china worth millions for a criminal family.
             After the action is over Matt takes the elevator down and meets with Jeffrey. Together they steal the bowl and leave. In the escaping car they plan to get raid of Matt but they hit another car and crash . Mat wakes up and saves May-Ling , they take the bowl and go at the restaurant in order to give the bowl to Mr. Woe and get the money. Mr.Woe tells them that he never asked for the bowl and they are going to get killed for that bowl.
             They go to a hotel where they get captured by Tchoi Jr. who's torturing Matt for the "real bowl" , the bowl they stole was a fake. Matt makes a deal with them asking for 24h to get the real bowl, if he fails they kill him and May-Ling. He goes at the hospital where he talks with Sebastian the guy that was knocked down by Jeffrey when they stole the bowl. He finds out that the real bowl was in the cabinet and Samuel Parr planed all of this. He tells that to the family and they take care of him . Matt stays with May-Ling and the game end. There are more ending but this one is the best.
               The gameplay is similar with the Telltales games , you have to make a choice . The choices you made are going to make will influence the ending , there are 7 different endings. The only thing you have to do is place yourself in that situation and make the choice. There are no quick time events or minigames , only the movie. You can also try to escape the deal but you will just get killed and restart the game.
     My opinion about the game and should you buy the game?
                In my opinion the game is one of the best interactive film game , you have more than one or two ending , unlike most of the telltale games and is a very cool way of watching a movie , you are the main character , you make your own movie the way you like , the story is a bit short and unrealistic but is still a nice love story if you make the right choices. I really liked the game and i would like to see more games like this , something new , game + movie. Overall the game is worth it and is much better than some of the telltale games and much cheaper in the same time. I hope you enjoyed my article and i hope you have a nice day.

    Rate this article Late Shift Review and Story

    (4.27/5) 11 rates


    This actually makes me interested with this game. Great article.

    24 march 2020 21:08

    Great game.

    11 december 2019 00:23