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    (4.22/5) 59 rates
    KipKip, 29 september 2018 15:16


    This article is a review of the game Crossout and about what is good and what is bad about it.

    Crossout is a free to play post-apocalyptic MMO action game playable on Steam and other platforms and downloadable online.

    In Crossout you can build your own battle vehicle from pieces obtained from levelling up,playing matches and also from purchasing them in the market.You can build vehicles like this one

    that are very basic cars with weapons and/or armor or something a bit more advanced like this.

    And yes,you can pretty much fly which is actually very good,because wheels and tracks often get stuck.There are MANY different weapons as well ranging from simple machineguns to cannons and railguns.But it's not a review if we only talk about what the game is about,is it?So let's get to the review.

                                                                                                                                    The good parts
    What's good about this game is how many different things you can build,seriously i spent so much time trying to find the perfect vehicle even though i had almost no parts but still so many different combinations of parts all making different vehicles.It's really cool how you have to play matches to get parts and to get scrap which to use to get new parts,how you can craft new items with different factions using scrap and other parts and materials,i like the fuel system because then because you can't just play infinitely it makes you want to play better in the matches you can play with the fuel you're given.I also like how every weapon has a good thing and a bad thing about it,machineguns can turn 360 degrees,have infinite ammo but low damage,some cannons cant turn 360 degrees,have limited ammo but high damage and so on.There are also quite a few different game modes,some are against bots,some against other players.The factions are also pretty cool since different factions have different craftable items and different level up rewards and other things.There are also some things where you have to do certain things in a limited amount of time and you get a reward for it.I also think the matches against bots are pretty fun,because they have different kinds of vehicles,some with sawblades,some with machineguns and cannons and i like how they fight,they are dumb sometimes but they can also kill you really quickly so watch out!Finally,i like how there are parts that you can use to flip a car back up when it has fallen over and if you don't have that part your teammates can also help you up if they have that part when they are near you.

                                                                                                                                   The bad parts

    I do not like how the market works,though,because you can simply buy a bit of credits and boom,you have the best weapon in the game.I mean,it is actually quite easy to get the best weapon without using real money but it's a trade of time for saving money in return.The game is actually really grindy,because it takes a whileee to get to a new level and often times you only get some useless parts and nothing really useful,i think the best way to get new weapons and other parts is to just sell what you dont need and save up for a good weapon on the market.I think the parts you only keep for an amount of time and then they are gone are just...dumb,what's the point of having an item if you will just lose it later?
    The game is fun and pretty cool sometimes,but it's very grindy and a tiny bit pay to win,but not too much like some other games.You can build many,many different vehicles,even some like this.

    But that's not the coolest thing you can make.So if you haven't already,give Crossout a try,it's completely free,and see what you can create.

    Rate this article Crossout:Review

    (4.22/5) 59 rates

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    Crossout is a MMO action game based in a post-apocalyptic world. It has been developed by the creators of the famous War Thunder and brings to us a completely refreshed gameplay on somewhat different terms.If you think Crossout is an other clone of the Wargaming games or War Thunder, then this will bring you a pleasant surprise ...


    True seems good

    15 june 2020 10:21

    I love this game allot. You build like minecraft and you fight like a tank. The reason i like this game and i like building is that you can use your own imagnation.

    5 march 2020 06:53

    i can't play it in my country.... why??

    18 november 2019 20:31

    soundscool i dont like bad parts but ok

    7 september 2019 15:45

    The best game

    21 april 2020 10:28

    I love this game allot. You build like minecraft and you fight like a tank. The reason i like this game and i like building is that you can use your own imagnation.

    13 april 2020 18:49

    i like this game

    15 january 2019 20:00

    i like this game from yesterday :D

    9 september 2019 14:32

    Wow looks very interesting.

    2 may 2019 15:47

    hmm. i can't play it in my country

    16 april 2019 09:45