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    Rate this article "Killing Floor 2"

    (2.6/5) 20 rates
    Shedevil88, 15 september 2017 20:53

    Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2 is a 6-player co-op game with additional 12-player Versus survival mode. It's a first-person shooter game developed by Tripwire Interactive and it is a sequel to a 2009 Killing Floor game. The early access version of the game got released in April 2015, and the game got officialy released in November 2016 (Windows and Playstation 4) and August 2017 (Xbox).


    Killing Floor 2 runs on a heavily modified version of Epic Games' Unreal engine 3. You just gotta make sure you have a decent computer to pump up those video settings.


    Game Modes:

    6-person co-op:  The game itself consists of 6 players taking on several waves of enemies called Zeds. As each wave passes the game gets a bit more difficult due to a higher number of Zed spawns and tougher enemies. Once all the waves are done it's time for the Boss fight. The boss will be randomly selected (there are 2 different types of Bosses) and each one of them requires different tactics to be taken down. One of the main goals to help you beat all the Zed waves and finish off a boss is having a viable team (preferably with at least 1 medic as difficulty progresses).


    12-person Versus: This is where you actually get to experience the Zed gameplay. You have an option of joining a human team or a Zed team! The objective of this game mode is to either kill all the human survivors during a single round (if you're playing as  Zed) or you beat the final boss (if you're playing as a human).


    Difficulty and Recommended Player Level:

    Normal: lvl 0-4

    Hard: lvl 5-15

    Suicidal: lvl 15-20

    Hell on Earth: lvl 20-25



    Berserker – It specializes mostly in close combat weaponry and can't get grabbed by clots. You can either go for a damage resistance build or a fast paced skirmisher. Best suited for keeping Zeds away from allies. Can be used as a meat shield.

    Commando – It has a unique ability to see stalkers and make them visible for the entire team. Commandos also display health bars above injured Zeds. It specializes in assault rifles and are most effective in medium range. Priority targets are cleaning out weaker, smaller zeds and protecting other allies so they can clear out bigger Zeds.

    Support – It has the ability to weld doors which can be quite effective when trying to create choke points, which is where supports are most effective. They're quite effective at clearing out small and big Zeds, especialy with a AA12 in hand and can supply their teammates with extra ammo.

    Field Medic – Imo, this is a must have on your team, especially on suicidal and higher difficulties. A good medic focuses on healing his teammates while still being able to take out quite a bunch of zeds. The medic weapons with healing darts and healing grenades make healing much more effective and easier than in the previous version of the game.

    Demolitionist – Primary goal is to blow stuff up! It's really good to clear out masses of Zeds and protecting your teammates when there's too much pressure. They are also able to supply teammates with extra grenades and can even add traps to welded doors. As long as a Demo stays safe at the back of the squad it shouldn't have any problems taking down even the biggest enemies, such as Fleshpounds.

    Firebug – It specializes in distracting and weakening large groups of zeds and putting them into panic mode by burning them. It mostly deals damage over time and certain weapon, such as the microwave gun) can deal massive damage to zeds wearing metal (Sirens, Fleshpounds).

    Gunslinger – It focuses on dual wielding pistols which can lash out massive amount of damage. It is highly mobile and most effective in close to medium range. As long as you keep popping headshots you will deal massive amount of damage and will be able to take down any type of Zed.

    Sharpshooter – It specializes in long range combat, preferably aiming for the head. These snipers are very effective against large Zeds and can even stun them with headshots or freeze them by using one of their freeze grenades.

    Survivalist – It is a utility member which can fill in for several roles. A Survivalist isn't exactly specialized in any weapon specifically and represents a mixture of perks. It is never going to be as effective as any other perk but with a good combination of skills and weapons it can provide unmatched versitility and combinations of armaments which can be very effective.

    SWAT – It specializes in close range combat, mowing down hordes of Zeds. It has the highest rate of fire in game. It provides crowd control, keeping smaller zeds off its teammates. It also uses flash grenades which can stun even the biggest Zeds (they are very usefull against Scrakes).

    Specimens A.K.A Zeds:


    Cyst – It grabs and immobilizes players until it is killed or bashed away.

    Clot – Really slow and like to grab and immobilize players until killed or bashed away.

    Slasher – A bit faster than a clot and it can combat roll, evading your shots. Can grab players.

    Crawler – This tiny arachnid can be quite hard to spot when focusing bigger enemies and mostly travels in packs. It can also leap, making it harder to hit.

    Stalker – It is the most difficult enemy to spot because it can cloak itself (unless you have a commando on your team). It will expose itself whenif hit or close to a player.

    Gorefast – It can be quite strong if it gets too close with its fast slashing attacks.


    Bloat – Pretty slow but can be quite dangerous if it blocks your path and pukes all over you. It will hinder your vision (turning on the flashlight helps) and deal dmg to you. It also explodes when killed.

    Gorefiend – It is one of the more dangerous Zeds. It can leash out a massive amount of damage with its melee spin attacks and block bullets with its blades.

    Husk – A dangerous combination of shooting fire balls, using a flamethrower, melee attacks and self-destruct if you let it get too close.

    Siren – A priority target to take out before her screams make your ears bleed.


    Scrake – A texas chain saw massacre guy who can get enraged and starts chasing you with heavy melee spin attacks.

    Fleshpound – One of the hardest Zeds to kill. Once you enrage it it will chase after you and try to pummel you with 2 huge grinders attached to its arms.


    Final Bosses:

    Partiarch: The patriarch is one of the two final boss characters which originates from the prequel Killing Floor. This time it comes with a little make over – mutated and bulky exterior. Like his previous version he still uses a minigun and a rocket launcher with a little addition to a mortar launcher. Let's not forget about the tentacles he has which can pull you closer to him so he can finish you up with a smack to the face. When wounded he will cloak himself and flee from the player trying to heal himself with a healing syringe. He carries 3 healing syringes and has a glowing boils on his left arm which light up in a certain colour which let you know how many times he has healed himself. (1st stage – green, 2nd stage – yellow, 3rd stage – orange and 4th stage – red).


    Hans Volter: This guy is a pure reincarnation of Josef Mengele. A 100-year old Nazi evil doctor. He is the 2nd Final boss available in the game. It requires a slightly different techniqueto kill this guy. He has the same 4 stages as The Patriarch and the same glowing pattern but instead of healing himself with syringes after taking a certain amount of damage he charges one of the players and drains his life to heal himself. At the same time he pops up a shield which needs to be destroyed in order to prevent him from healing (explosives work well on the shield).



    There are various characters available to pick from, even though it might be a bit short on the female side there are still 2 female characters available. They are all ex-police, military or other varieties of mercenaries, employed by Horzine to get rid of the Zeds. The differences between characters are purely cosmetic.


    There are 16 official maps available at the moment. Biotics Lab, Burning Paris, Outpost, Volter Manor, Evacuation Point, Catacombs, Black Forest, Farmhouse, Prison, Containment Station, Hostile Grounds, Infernal Realms, ZED Landing, The Descent, Nuked and The Tragic Kingdom.

    There are also available other player-made maps which you can download and enjoy at any time.


    Special Event - Horzine Weekly Outbreaks: Each week there is a special event with certain requirements that makes the whole gameplay a bit different. E.g: Poundemonium (All Fleshpounds, all the time. Almost.) This game mode will have an increased spawn of Fleshpounds with a new final boss called King Fleshpound. And yes, he can call hordes of fleshpounds to take you out and he also has a laser he shoots you with.

    Thanks for taking your time and reading this article. Feel free to try out the game, you won't regret it!

    Rate this article Killing Floor 2

    (2.6/5) 20 rates


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