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    Rate this article "Grand Theft Auto V - Why You Should Trade Soul Gems for This Game"

    (2.11/5) 9 rates
    danielroxheaps, 16 september 2017 07:53

    Grand Theft Auto V - Why You Should Trade Soul Gems for This Game

    So you've managed to accumulate enough soul gems for your pick of a game on the store. You have a scroll through, but you have no idea what to get. Well, I'm going to convince you that you should spend these soul gems on Grand Theft Auto V.

    Grand Theft Auto V - the most popular Grand Theft Auto game in the series. Developed and published by Rockstar in 2013, I swear this is a must have in any Steam library.

    1) Open-world:
    This map is fantastic. The entire world is unlocked, and it's massive. Hills, country, city and desert, it'll take you more than a couple hours to explore this entire map.

    2) Story Mode:
    Story Mode is like any other story mode - and then improved. You begin off as Franklin, who works at a car dealership as a repossessor. Outside of the missions, you are able to explore the world as Franklin. Eventually, the missions get you to unlock more characters and discover new places. During story mode you learn more about the characters and their lives.

    3) Lasts You Months, Almost Years!:
    I mean, unless you play continuously, this game will take you ages to complete. When you finally complete the 70+ missions in story mode, you can complete a new set of missions called "Strangers & Freaks", where you encounter many strange strangers and go on a journey, doing what they love. The 100% checklist helps you in 100%ing the game, and I'll tell you now, it's takes a while.

    4) Director Mode & Rockstar Editor:
    Oh. My. God. The amount of time I've spent in director mode & Rockstar editor is outrageous! Director mode allows you to control the conditions, and press F1 to record. Then, you can enter Rockstar Editor, where you can make your film come to life. With the ability to create unique camera angles and see further than you can see in game, you can't deny you don't enjoy making little short films.

    5) GTA Online:
    GTA Online - it's like story mode, just with other people. Connect online. Make new friends. And laugh at each other's fails. Heists, CEO missions, and things constantly being added, you won't realise how much internet you've used!

    So, I've given you 5 reasons to want to buy Grand Theft Auto V. You can't deny that this looks interesting, and you want to have a go. So now you know what you should spend your soul gems on, go ahead and do it.

    Rate this article Grand Theft Auto V - Why You Should Trade Soul Gems for This Game

    (2.11/5) 9 rates


    oh its very bad article that need some of pic and more info to be complete

    9 april 2020 10:22

    AGAIN? IM FIRST YAY ! :> 💯

    8 april 2020 12:44