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    Rate this article "How to idle Steam Trading Cards (using Archi Steam Farm)"

    (3.25/5) 20 rates
    s1na, 16 september 2017 21:26

    How to idle Steam Trading Cards (using Archi Steam Farm)

    This guide will teach you how to get Steam Trading Cards from games without even playing the games!

    What is idling (in this case)? Idling is the process/method of getting Steam Trading Cards from games without even playing the games. It's a very simple process and basically a program simulates that you're playing the game and tricks the Steam in to dropping you the cards! This process takes as much time as you would have to play the game in order to get the cards. The best program for idling STC is ArchiSteamFarm, and of course, it's free! You can idle up to 100 accounts at the same time from one computer without even slowing down your computer! Also, the whole idling-thing and ASF is VAC-free and you CANNOT get banned for using it.
    Why would anyone idle STC?  The are several reasons for this but the main one is profit. Once you get the cards, you can either sell them, trade them away or use them to craft badge(s). Many people idle STC daily and profit a lot. I have profited around 20 keys (50$) from idling.

    How to idle:
    1. Go to https://github.com/JustArchi/ArchiSteamFarm/releases
    2. Download the latest realese of the program
    3. Install the program and start the Configurator
    4. Set up your account(s) (easy method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi2UjXtGWgc )
    5. Start the ASF and wait for the card drops (profit)

    Closing notes:
    Seriously, don't worry, you will not get banned for doing this, I've been doing it for couple of months and of course, haven't been banned.
    Your account mustn't be limited in order to receive card drops (you have to spend 5$ on Steam).
    The more games you have, the more cards you'll get. Games usually drop 3 to 5 cards, with some dropping 10+ cards, but those games are very rare.
    There are other programs like Steam Idle Master that do the same thing, but I recommed using ASF only.
    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Check out my other guides too! I will be creating many more guides for you guys!

    Rate this article How to idle Steam Trading Cards (using Archi Steam Farm)

    (3.25/5) 20 rates


    Never tell your password to anyone.

    23 september 2017 12:16

    Seems legit

    4 october 2017 13:51

    but first you need games that have cards so no profit and you could just use steam idle master thats not a scam and its easyer to use

    24 september 2017 21:17

    I prefer steam idle master. it works on linux, as t's python program.

    28 september 2017 03:22