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    (4.24/5) 17 rates
    Merisor, 20 october 2018 12:38

    Journey of a Roach Review and Story

    Journey of a Roach
    -Adventure Puzzle
    -Developed by the Swiss studio Koboldgames
    -Published by Daedalic
    -Released on November 4, 2013
    -Price : 6,99€

                Journey of a Roach is a really cool game which takes place after a nuclear world in which the roaches are the only survivors.  The game won 2 Swiss awards and has a score of 65 on Metacritic.  The whole game has around  3 hours of gameplay , mostly puzzles .  The game's graphics are similar with a comic book , they don't use words in order to communicate but they use images of what they think.
    The story is about a cockroach  named Jim and his friend named Bud , they escape the bomb shelter and go up on the surface where they can't find anything but plain dirt , wholes and radiation.  Eventually Bud finds a flower and he goes to his friend Jim to tell him , they plan to take care of the flower . Before they get out a bird bites Bud's hand and they fall down in a spider web , Jim saves Bud and than he get's he falls down again , now Jim helps a spider mother to take her childrens to sleep than  she moves away so Jim can go and save Bud , after more puzzles they eventually get out and save the flower. The end!
               The game is an adventure puzzle , you have to overcome all the challenges and save the flower. As a roach you can crawl up walls and ceilings in order to change the view. You can collect items like keys ,  mushrooms , batteries , tools , ...  which you can use to solve most of the puzzles. The game has a third-insect-perspective and you play as either one of the roaches. Overall is an usual puzzle game , you have to find something in order to advance , the puzzles are not very hard and you can do them very fast.
    My opinion about the game and should you buy the game?
               In my opinion the game is one of the best story telling / puzzle game ever made , the story is very funny and the characters are very likeable.  Even if is considered  a kid's game , you can play it. The cutscenes are like a comic book and the characters use insect's sounds in order to communicate . Even tho the game has only 3 to 4 hours of gameplay , is still a good game and is overall worth it. I hope you enjoyed my article and have a nice day.

    Rate this article Journey of a Roach Review and Story

    (4.24/5) 17 rates



    26 october 2018 17:31

    no delete for spam comment here ?

    14 december 2019 17:28

    this article is good good information this game is ver good as well i love the animal in this game so cute lovely game .

    23 june 2020 17:18

    Very intresting game, but not worth it for my oppinion, i dont like the game

    1 november 2018 20:54

    Looks interesting, I'm interested enough that I'm considering downloading it to try.

    1 november 2018 17:42

    Begendim sizde oynayin

    1 november 2018 17:33

    Looks like this game is always discounted, either on Steam directly or through bundles. Interesting :)

    I love Daedalic games so much, but I sometimes can't really like Daedalic's collaborations with anyone else. That's why I didn't like this one much. But I do believe it is a great story for anyone to play and see :) Thank you for the article!

    30 july 2020 17:06