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    (4.17/5) 30 rates
    berroni, 20 october 2018 15:29

    Raft - PC Review

    Raft is a fun and relaxing game, which throws you and your friends into an epic open world, actually open oceanic adventure! Do your best to build a nice-looking raft, to stay alive by eating food and drinking water and - always be careful, Shark is close. 

    The raft is one of these survival games which requires your brain to play and gives fun in return. I had most of the fun in this game when I was playing it for the first time, which is pretty usual in almost every survival game because you actually discover and see everything for the first time and this game actually has a lot of things to be discovered by the player. You'll have to stay alive by eating, drinking and other basic needs, and even if you manage to keep your basic needs under your control - there is Shark you need to take care of and that only makes this game interesting, there is no need to say anything else, to be honest. 
    I also had a great time building the raft. You'll be fishing wood, plastic and other raw materials from the water, and later on, in the game, you'll need to use these raw materials to make advanced ones - stuff like copper. The crafting system is actually also great, and crafting system alone makes building so interesting and funny. You have to make a nice raft, as Raft is not one of these survival games which require you to make a perfect base or whatever as you'll spawn on one place and stay there forever(raft).

    The Shark is a great addition to this game, and she is always around - waiting for you to fall into the water. Shark attacks the raft sometimes but it's nothing annoying, you'll actually be waiting for her attack as she brings fun with herself. Did you know that Raft didn't even have the Shark before? The game was all about hooking stuff and expanding the raft, but the game wasn't so interesting back then. Now, when something interrupts you once in a while, interrupts you in the middle of crafting or whatever - you'll have more fun and that's why I personally consider Shark as the great addition to this game. 

    By drifting the ocean with your raft you'll see some huge islands but unfortunately, you won't be able to get on them and explore them, in the beginning. You'll drift by too quickly and you won't have enough wood in order to build a way up to even the lowest of the island platforms.

    Raft is a very interesting, funny and relaxing survival game. It's not one of these classical survival games which require you to survive and do nothing else, this game makes you think logically and you'll have to use your brain to play it. Raft is not a hard game to start playing, but you'll need to put some hours in it to discover a lot of secrets this game has. Since this game is still in Early Access mode, and as it has already updated this many features and systems - I'm sure there will be many more things to do in it. I recommend this game to everyone, with a strong 9/10 rating! 

    Rate this article Raft - PC Review

    (4.17/5) 30 rates


    eeek! sharks!

    7 november 2018 20:32

    Good article you made

    20 october 2020 00:25

    Thank you for your positive reviews, guys!

    6 november 2018 23:32

    This Game is Really Good I Don't have it and Good Job for making this article!

    4 november 2018 15:14

    good rewiew good job

    3 november 2018 08:15

    ce faci

    24 october 2018 19:19

    I like sharks

    7 november 2018 14:11

    wish to buy it

    29 october 2018 16:11

    Good review

    1 november 2018 09:38

    i learned so much

    4 november 2018 18:49