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    Rate this article "Jetpack Joyride [PC] - Review"

    (4.25/5) 12 rates
    noobda, 15 november 2017 22:26

    Jetpack Joyride [PC] - Review

    This is probably not the game you'd have to buy as this is the free version available everywhere on almost all platforms of regular use, to name a few iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and up, and its ported to PC too, what kind of fun is this game? Read along to find out more about this game called Jetpack Joyride........

    I have to mention that this game has been nominated for many awards, which is a great thing, such games which are free to play and require some skill to play going so popular so that the developers port the game to different platforms very fast. Its a great thing that this game is nominated for many awards as such android game or iOS game that is too good to leave, and addicted, getting nominated...

    Jetpack Joyride


    I'm taking into view of the game from the Microsoft Windows 8.1, the game can be downloaded from the Store just by searching for the game and installing it right away.... Its around 40MB to download on PC. The game requires only one control, yep that's right just a clicker game, you can either click with your mouse or just hit the 'space' or 'up arrow' key to lift Barry in the game...

    About the game:

    This game was first developed and released for iOS devices, and then due to its popularity and massive support it was ported to almost all platforms available. And now its available for

    PlayStation 4, Android, Adobe Flash Player [Browser type also available], iOS, Windows Phone 8+ etc;

    And the awards for which this game was nominated are:

    VGX Award for best hand held mobile game and Game developers choice award.... etc

    • Initial Release date: 1 September 2011 (for iOS devices)
    • Clicker game
    • Has Achievements related to Xbox app in Windows
    • Developer: Halfbrick Studios
    • This game has different publishers on different platforms namely, Halfbrick Studios, Big Ant Studios, Beatshapers

    You can watch the trailer of the game on youtube which is quite nice, but the game is quite different from the visuals shown there, I'd say almost similar but personal thoughts....

    Jetpack Joyride has many different vehicles and power ups in the game which you'll have to unlock and purchase with the coins that are collected in the game... After this game released to PC, it became some cool game that's soo good to be on PC with most of the features from mobile game.

    Did I mention that this game has achievements that are quite nice, but those are only for Windows Users who play with their Microsoft Account connected to the game, or just by signing into it....

    Here are the badges that you'll receive by completing the missions in the game, which will grant them depending on your performance.

    There are many scientists as the main protagonist is a character named 


    in this game is escaping from a nuclear plant or some sort of thing. You can see a lot  zappers and a lot of missiles to stop Barry....

    Below is a screenshot of the gameplay of the game equipping a different type of Jetpack which are available to purchase after you play the game for sometiime and unlock them by doing some specific tasks/missions.... Here you go


    The game Jetpack Joyride was fun and addicting when it released to Android and Windows Phone, I mean mobile phones that are handheld and played... After the release of the PC version the game just took a leap towards more skill and more ease of playing on a piece of hardware that's way more powerful than a mobile phone... 

    Over all the game is a epic game, that has only one control, clicking...

    Here are the rating of the game from some sources:

    • Google Play: 4.4/5
    • iTunes - Apple: 4.5/5
    • Microsoft: 4.5/4

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Jetpack Joyride [PC] - Review

    (4.25/5) 12 rates


    jetpack joyride very nice game :)😅

    7 april 2020 10:12