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    Rate this article "IS DARK SOULS HARD OR UNFAIR?"

    (3.73/5) 11 rates
    BrotusY, 26 november 2017 19:39


    This game is known for being one of the hardest games ever created. But is it actually hard or does it just punish players for no reason?

    First of all, we need to aknowledge that Dark Souls can be beaten by almost anyone who tries. It is not impossible! But we are here to evaluate if it is actually unfair for new players, to ditch them in a giant world full of new things, without any direction or tutorials. Might seem unfair at first, but it is not. If you think about it, It is closer to what it would be in a real life hypothetical situation. There would be absolutelly no HUD or quest markers to tell you what boss you need to slay next. So that doesn't seem unfair at all. 

    In terms of the combat, and what makes it so hard, is not the fact that the enemies are tough or impossible to beat, but it is the way that you fight them. If you are new at the combat, you will die constantly and mercilessly to every enemy you encounter, no matter what enemy it is. But if you master it, you will be able to slay any boss in the game WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE!!! That is because the combat mechanics are based on skill, not numbers, like you see in other games like The Witcher, ou The Elder Scrolls. I will explain it properly, don't worry! When I refer to a combat based on numbers, I mean it doesn't give you the chance to win a certain opponent just because he has more HP than your weapon can handle, or deals more damage than you have HP, and you cannot possibly escape it's damage and you will die no matter what! And when I refer to a combat based on skill, I am talking about the combat that gives you the chances you need based on your skill. Take Dark Souls as an example, it is possible to kill any boss or enemy in the game with the worst weapon in the game. People have killed bosses with a Broken Straight Sword... They dealt small fractions of the boss' health everytime they hit him, but they just kept on rolling and avoinding the boss' damage and poking him with toothpicks and they killed him! So is this fair???? Seems like so!!!! If you have the patience to learn the mechanics, you will make Dark Souls into an easy and not unfair at all game! Maybe a little unfair when you start, but it is supposed to be hard right?

    What can we conclude? Dark Souls is not unfair at all. You just need to learn about it! If you keep dying recklessly to a boss, you are doing something wrong! Go back and see what it is!

    Rate this article IS DARK SOULS HARD OR UNFAIR?

    (3.73/5) 11 rates


    This article is averagely good. However, I think if you try to "decorate" your article into a highlighted article that express the reasons instead of a pile of lines into a segment for the 2nd section. Then, it's better. Fix your article and "embellish" it.

    5 june 2019 09:50

    i like it its great afticle

    9 september 2020 16:31

    this article is great for begining and the hole game

    9 september 2020 16:30

    i really think i has just the right amount of difficulty, never have i ever died in a video game this much, yet i kept fighting till i killed that boss and i really enjoyed that about dark souls.

    15 may 2020 02:35

    i feel so good

    9 june 2020 03:45

    i guess we gotta get gud at the game

    27 november 2017 17:21

    To be honest, i gave up playing this game. ^^

    3 december 2019 15:27

    *GIT GUD

    27 november 2017 18:40

    masterpiece, just git gud

    12 january 2021 08:24

    thank you all for the support! really means a lot that seone cares about my work!

    27 november 2017 23:38