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    (3/5) 2 ratings
    Julio_Lokin, 25 november 2017 16:44


    Original Sin II is the sixth title of the franchise started in 2002, and this new episode takes place at a time when sorcerers are considered criminals by the eyes of the law, which motivates a rebel group to fight against the bishop responsible for this tyranny. Check out our review now.

    Original Sin II is in all ways a bigger project than its predecessor, the title preserves all the elements that made success in the first game, but Larian Studios gave a refined in things, leaving the gameplay and experience more fluid.

    The universe of this game is amazing. The magnitude of this world and its richness in detail allow the player to create an almost unique adventure, giving freedom to go their own way, and the more you decide to go deeper, the more complex (positively) the game becomes. We are talking about an extensive map, full of knowledge to be explored, many NPCs and an environment that reacts differently to each of the classes available in the game.

    Speaking of classes, you can also choose the background of your character, and edit until the avatar to be used to represent you on the journey. In the game a lot also goes through direct or indirect customization.

    There are no big news in the gameplay, because the game follows a pattern similar to other RPGs with isometric vision, meaning your two hands work intensely on the keyboard and mouse. In fact, it's the kind of game that encourages the search for a gamer mouse, especially the more robust ones with several buttons available so the player can configure as many commands as possible.

    Original Sin II follows the style of battles per turn, and a striking feature of this RPG is its level of battle and artificial intelligence, as things do not get easier as you evolve your character, so throughout the game your skills will be tested, especially for unexpected combats that may occur along the way.

    The work of art is another highlight in the title. Larian Studios was careful to create a universe rich in detail, with its own culture and incredible graphics. Even geographic elements and vegetation change radically depending on where you are. It is noteworthy that in addition to paying attention to detail that enriches the story, the company was concerned with giving a unique accent to each environment of the game.

    Already the soundtrack oscillates between traditional arrangements of the medieval theme and more modern sounds, but always with strong moments in each one of the bands with unexpected graves and melancholic sequences.

    Divinity Original Sin II is a box of surprises with several paths to follow, with many customizable elements and the possibility to create a story based on your choices, as well as plan your own style of battle. With a better plot than the previous game and also new features, the Original Sin sequence surpasses its predecessor title and promises many hours of fun and will surely take you to finish it more than once.

    + Freedom and decision-making power in the hands of the player
    + Game "adjustable" thanks to the customizations
    + Much content
    + Worth the replay
    + Run smoothly on simpler PCs
    + Challenger

    -For some players the screen may seem too full due to so many features and commands


    (3/5) 2 ratings


    Divinity or Sin

    28 november 2017 04:16

    nice article

    27 november 2017 22:00