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    Julio_Lokin, 6 december 2017 21:29

    Ironcast REVIEW

    Although Ironcast is a turn-based strategy game, it is not as simple as a simple ping pong attack between player and AI. It combines the normal turn-based game with the mechanics of games like Candy Crush. Ironcast includes several items that provide ammunition for weapons, defensive measures, or a coolant that helps keep your systems from overheating. There is an item for repair jobs and, finally, scrap that can be used for upgrades between missions. There are specials that appear from time to time, which increase the matches and help us, but overall everything is fairly regular and similar to what we find in games of the genre.

    My relationship with this genre is not exactly good. While paid games are relatively fair, free games seem to decide in advance whether or not the player can win that game. But using mechanics as a major game player is fun and offers a unique twist on turn-based strategy games.

    The player starts 9 days before the main event and on those days, missions are made available randomly. Some are as direct as attacking and destroying an enemy but others are more complicated, asking the player to retrieve certain items or wait for a certain number of days. The different types of mission keep the game fresh. In addition, the player has some options for choosing color-coded missions, some of medium difficulty, others difficult.

    Once the time runs out, the player has to face the final mission. This mission is what really matters and the real challenge of the game. Death at Ironcast is permanent. Dying, the player is dead and the game is over. Items and other unlocked things are transferred, but this does not prevent the player from having to start over again. After each mission, the player returns to the base where he can perform repairs and make updates. Updates include new weapons, new shields or new armor. Updates are accomplished through plans that are obtained at the end of successful missions.

    These are random and this is not exactly the best of ideas. In addition to direct upgrades, the player can also gain skills. Some are passive and others are used in battle and take a certain number of turns to reload. After completing a game, whether with victory or defeat, the player will receive some perks that can be used to unlock new features.

    Overall, Ironcast is a good effort in the genre. The steampunk aesthetic is always good for fans of the genre and the little use in video games is great and enough to make the game unique. Unlike other games of the genre, I never felt that the game was unfair and I always thought I could win even when I could not. Na Switch is an ideal game thanks to short game play sessions for a laptop.

    Rate this article Ironcast REVIEW

    (5/5) 1 rating


    This needs some pictures.. a lot of ppl need pictures to learn some things

    28 december 2018 06:34