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    (3/5) 1 rating
    Julio_Lokin, 6 december 2017 21:26

    Space Rangers HD: A War Apart REVIEW

    A universe in which the only danger is not only this race of machines, but also the various machetes of pirates. This is a good excuse to go back to playing Space Ranger. This is a fairly open gaming experience and you will hardly feel like you are playing the same thing if you return to the game more than 10 years later. Depending on the breed they will start in a different zone. In character creation they will have to choose other than race a profession. You can. Choose from warrior to merchant or pirate. This profession changes little beyond the beginning of the game.

    After the beginning we are deciding everything, the future is ours and the space open to exploration. Freedom is the strong point and sometimes the feeling of playing Space Rangers HD is that we're playing some sort of EVE offline. There is a supply-and-demand economy of its own, with planets producing relatively random quantities of certain products to tinker with the economy.

    When we perceive this system we begin to take advantage of the potentialities. As we get to know the normal prices we will try to buy cheap and sell expensive. This is just one of the faces of Space Rangers. If they want they can completely ignore the commercial spec and just use the stores to buy what they need, because what they spend most of their time on is the machete quests. These missions are not very varied and usually involve taking something from one site to another, varying only on site.

    This is a good way to make money and depending on where we have to go can become truly challenging missions. We can also reduce the time it takes to reach the destination and thus earn a greater reward. Occasionally we will also receive equipment and reward, and it is still possible to win badges (who do not like badges?). To travel to all sectors we have to buy maps. At first we have access to only the initial sector, but soon we will access to others, increasingly distant. In addition to map we need an improved craft, with a more powerful engine and enough fuel. In addition to travel and trade there are some mini-games.

    Some quests ask us to complete mini-adventures in text. This type of missions is not frequent, which helps to maintain some diversity and when they appear they are usually fun to complete. But sooner or later we have to return to the Dominators' threat. Whenever we enter a planet dominated by the Dominators we have to defeat them in the skies and earth, in a RTS-like way, on which we have a base, we have to build robots and capture resources.

    This is the worst aspect of the game, thanks especially to the weak artificial intelligence that tends to have difficulty with things as simple as creating a way to follow an order. This is particularly problematic because all Dominator dominated zones are well protected with too many enemy ships so that it is possible to win the battle alone.

    Another minigame that pops up when we get into wormholes, or what I would call it like that, is also quite dislocated and seems to come from a completely different game, resembling a pinball game.

    Rate this article Space Rangers HD: A War Apart REVIEW

    (3/5) 1 rating


    This article needs picture , as many ppl find pictures attractive and pictures can be educational

    28 december 2018 06:35