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    Rate this article "INVISIBLE, INC. - PC REVIEW"

    (2.8/5) 10 rates
    berroni, 14 november 2018 18:46


    "Take control of Invisible's agents in the field and infiltrate the world's most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life." - Original Steam Invisible, Inc. description

    Invisible, Inc. is a game I personally played for a very long time and spent many hours on, but I never got bored. Even though the point of the game is basically the same - "jump in, finish your mission, jump out", Invisible, Inc. is a very interesting and funny game. 

    Invisible, Inc requires your brain, which I love to get from games - I repeated that 15 times and I'll repeat it whenever I find a game that requires it, as you have to create tactical decisions one after another.  It also requires a high level of planning and awareness as a simple wrong move may get you caught. It's a turn-based strategy game and every turn increases the enemy's alert status. 

    The nice addition to this game is that you have an infinite amount of time but as more time passes the more agents will arrive(agents are your opponents) and it will be very hard to complete your objective or jump out. 
    Another great addition to this game is "rewind" which allows the player to travel back through the time to the begging of the turn when he does something wrong. "Rewinds" are limited so you'll always think whether you should use them now or later and that's gonna give you some hard time.  
    Besides the classical game, you can play the "ironmode" which is actually the same gameplay but when you fail there is nothing that can help you - when you fail it's a time to create a new game.  It's for those with a calm attitude which means It's not for everyone. 

    To make the game even more interesting and even more challenging, developers have developed the power resources.  You can use them to hack enemy's system and turn off cameras, locks or drones and every room is full of them. You can get power resources by your character actions and by programs within Incognita. What's Incognita now? Everything I will say is that A.I., Incognita is the "virtual world" and you can switch between the "real world" and "virtual world" whenever you want. I won't tell more about the Power Resources and VR even though there is more to be said - you'll have to investigate that area by yourself. 

    We have come to the part when we are supposed to rate this game so let's do it. 
    "Invisible, Inc." is a game that gives fun to players by forcing them to make some tactical decisions and I love it the way it is.  It haves Power Resources, it haves the Virtual World, it haves a lot of characters/agents and it haves uniqueness which is pretty rare nowadays. It costs 20€ which is nothing compared to the fun you'll have playing it. I recommend this game to everyone with a strong 10/10 rating.

    Rate this article INVISIBLE, INC. - PC REVIEW

    (2.8/5) 10 rates


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