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    (3.7/5) 20 rates
    stefan_karakolev, 14 november 2018 18:29

    Epic Seven review

    Epic Seven review and personal impressions


     Epic Seven is a new free-to-play JRPG coming from SmileGate Megaport. The game had its global launch some days ago, releasing global server and full English translation option. The game can be accessed by using platforms such as Facebook and Stove for making account.


     The story takes place in the Seventh World. Fearsome battle with Archdemon leaves main character Ras Elclare in a 20 years sleep. He wakes to find the demon is being defeated. Soon Ras’s best friend Vildred, obsessed by darkness, betrays him and tries to restore the demon’s powers. With the help of homunculus called Mercedes and some new allies, Ras begins his journey to put a stop to this endless cycle of destruction.

    Graphics and Visuals

    The publisher proudly announced in the official site that this game challenges the limits of animation. And it really does. Made with Yuna Engine software, the same used for Fate Grand Order, Epic Seven delivers high quality graphics and smooth visual effects. The 2D high definition anime style graphics stand on a high level for a mobile game.  The artwork can be compared to top notch anime titles. With well-made cut scene animations, dialogue screens and character models, players can get the feeling that they are actually watching anime during their whole gameplay.

    Gameplay and Characters

    Your team consists up to four characters and one slot for different player’s  hero, that will come to aid after one of yours is being killed. Every party needs a leader but set him wisely since he will be your meat shield, taking most of the enemies’ attacks. There are several character classes in this game:

     Warrior  – average damage, health points and defense

     Knight   – default team’s leader with high defense and health points

    Thief  – the assassin class in this game. Makes good damage and attacks and casts skills more often

    Soul Weaver  – possesses healing skills

    Mage  – does high damage with skills that can attack single or group of enemies

    Archer  – Good damage but low health points and defense. Suitable for the back line of your team

     These are the basic pros and cons of every class I have noticed during my gameplay. Since there are artifacts and gears with tier, rarity and set bonuses players can experiment with every class and his weak points. Artifacts are like cards from some trading card game that we can draw from the game’s gacha along with the characters. Here I must say the chances to draw high rarity character or artifact are pretty low but at least there is special tab where we can actually see them.

     Each character has rarity up to 6 stars. Each star raises the maximum level the hero can get by 10. They also possess element: fire, water, leaf, dark or light. Fire does more damage on leaf but delivers small amount on water and takes more from it.
     Also each character has zodiac affinity, which increases his stats and skill damage through awakening. The game offers even relations between them. If your character trusts some other, placing them in same party results with extra attacks from them.

     Aside from the story quest there are a lot side story routes which hold different story to be discovered. The game offers an arena where players can fight among themselves climb the ranks of the ladder and claim weekly reward based on their points.

    Special stages as hunt, trials and tower help to earn items for improving our characters and gears. There are also buildings that we can improve and let us hatch stuff for improving our characters or send them to expeditions or craft gears.

    Epic Seven has guilds but at the moment they hold few features such as daily login, donation and a shop. From the good side there are some others shown that is said to come in the near future.

     Events are being released periodically with tasks that will help people who don’t want to spend their money on the paid packs and items. There isn’t VIP system in the game that gives huge advantages for spending anyway.

     Overall the only bad thing I must say for the gameplay is that there is no option in the settings that let us turn off the skill animations which makes the battles last little longer. There is auto battle mode if we get too bored with them while farming same map for some drop. Its weak point is that there is no option for setting how much time we want to run this stage.


    Each character is voiced by different actor and has 3 different speeches while casting skill during combat. The background music and effects are pretty good. Some OST exclusive songs like ’Desperate’ feature singers like Younha who is well known to K-Pop society as being singer, song writer and producer.

    Community and Guides:

    At the moment there isn’t a decent wiki source for this game. At least translated to English. The game has several Facebook groups and discord channels where you can make contact with other players and share information or ask for advice.

    Conclusion and personal rating:

     For conclusion I must say if you are a fan of this genre, Epic Seven is definitely worth a try. With more titles keep coming for smartphone users and old ones getting updates I can’t say how much time this game will keep you occupied. In the end everything is at the hands of the developers and their ability to keep adding new content.

    Personal Rating based on global server:

    Story: 4,7 from 5 stars

    Graphics : 4,8 from 5 stars

    Gameplay: 4,8 from 5 stars

    Music: 4,5 from 5 stars

    Community and events : 4,4 from 5 stars

    Rating: 4,6 stars

    Rate this article Epic Seven review

    (3.7/5) 20 rates


    Good work..the partitions/subsections of the review makes it easier for readers to read and absorb the content of the review..

    21 november 2018 21:51