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    Julio_Lokin, 8 november 2017 17:59

    Interesting facts about Watch Dogs

    The Watch Dogs franchise has as main feature hacking systems and cell phones with the protagonist venturing into different cities and goals to get rid of progressively more complex problems.

    The premise of the game has been well accepted since the first version, which translates to the good number of sales. In addition to the gameplay pleasing the fans and yielding good stories, Watch Dogs is also differentiated by the minute details that appear all the time.

    In both versions of the game, the first in Illinois (2014) and the second in San Francisco (2016), there are distinct peculiarities that are worth highlighting. And if you have not played games yet, it's a good opportunity to know what you need to do to get the most out of each scenario.

    Tribute to famous series and icons - In the first Watch Dogs, Ubisoft, producer of the game, took seriously the fact that it is a game in which the protagonist (Aiden Pearce) is inserted in a multimedia society with a lot of technology and information . This has made producers pay close attention to today's society.

    One of the main honors is related to award-winning Breaking Bad. It is possible to hack a conversation between Skyler and Walter White, two of the main characters of the drama, to have access to a dialogue very true to what happened in the series.

    Another reference of the first Watch Dogs is to the legendary singer BB King. There is an advertisement board at some bus stops in the city with King's image. The musician's name is not mentioned, but all the references and the image are there.

    Fish singing and memes - Still in the current wave represented in Watch Dogs, the game can faithfully reproduce several famous memes in the United States and the rest of the world when traffic signs are hacked.

    As for surreal things, the first Watch Dogs also gives the player the ability to hack a fish out of the aquarium to sing rap. It seems unlikely, but it's just one of several strange things available to be released in the game.

    Poker and other possibilities in the minigame - In addition to the main missions that occupy many hours, in Watch Dogs it is also possible to venture into many minigames that are interesting and take the missions routine.

    One of the most important parts of the secondary missions of the game is poker, which has several possibility of matches during the game.

    Sport is very common in the United States and its popularity is growing in the country and in the rest of the world. Especially due to sites such as 888 Poker, which offers many ways to practice and learn a lot of techniques, and helps to further increase the number of enthusiasts.

    However, it is worth emphasizing that poker game can usually be time consuming and the artificial intelligence of the game is good, which often makes completing these steps in the game light at least a few minutes.

    Another sport that is also in the secondary missions is the classic chess. Just like poker, it is not easy to win the machine and there are even tutorials on how to get away with this type of minigame.

    One more interesting minigame is chasing after coins. The action is similar to that of smartphone games, only in the middle of Illinois and it is a good way to be distracted for a few minutes with a mission without responsibility.

    In Watch Dogs 2, there are no minigames in the same way as the first version, but it is possible to perform pretty cool side quests and even go carting.

    It is possible to unlock cars and download music - In Watch Dogs 2, there is a large variety of cars to unlock. The fleet is well diversified and even includes some themed vehicles like the iconic Jurassic Park Jeep.

    Also in the second Watch Dogs, the soundtrack is very complete and brings different genres, the game counts also with Brazilian music. You can also select the songs you listen to on the radio and pass them to the protagonist's application (Marcus Holloway) and then listen to them whenever you want, which creates an additional element of interactivity for the game.

    Rate this article Interesting facts about Watch Dogs

    (3.67/5) 3 ratings


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