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    (4.43/5) 51 rates
    Kolven, 15 january 2019 19:58

    Infamous Second Son - Review

    Infamous Second Son is a PS4 exclusive game that was released on March 21, 2014. The developers are called Sucker Punch. It and is the third release in the game series that has equal contexts based on the three others. Infamous Second Son is a game with a special kind of magic at the forefront. The game takes place in the real city of Seattle. Which is played in the past as you quickly notice when you take the step into the action.

    You play as Delsin Rowe a skilled singer who lives his not all for luxury life in Seattle. Until one day he is confronted with a prison transport full of criminals who are mutants. It happens events and he gets the opportunity to help a criminal with unknown forces, but when he takes in, Delsin gets an explanation that he has the ability to take over from others. It does not last long until he lies in a cloud of smoke and he feels the energy flowing out through the finger tips. He is like the others a mutant with amazing powers. But it is just that he is now also called as others with supernatural powers.

    Anti-Mutant Force DUP is the city's "Police" who are opposed to anything in their path. DUP is governed by a mistress by name, Brooke Augustine. Something Delsin does not want to stop for, on the contrary! This story has just begun! Let the rebel story begin!

    As I said, the city is vibrant Seattle, but during the journey, the city becomes more and more destroyed and the DUP force builds the city more and more like a fort, a fort where people cannot say what they want, but just follow the dictator, Brooke Augustine's order.

    But the gaming experience in the city is, to say the least, entertaining. It goes just under a second before a DUP extension breaks down and falls. With Delsin's forces, there is always speed in the city!

    There are plenty of side missions in the game, everywhere in the city corner there are guard posts, cameras and roadblocks set up that will be destroyed at any cost! Something that opens up the more you get into the action. One thing that is very fun if you are still going to a place for the main mission.

    A very fun and fascinating thing in the game are these doodle situations you get to take it in. You simply have to spray yourself with the control, usually turn it to the right posture, shake and lastly SPRAY PAINT! Something that was great fun and great fun as Sucker Punch added!

    The graphics in the game Infamous Second Son are magical, vibrant colors as well as the diverse weather really liked! The city of Seattle is sick to be in and just jump around, parkour on a new level!

    The characters are well made and thoughtful they have their charm and do their part in the action. A person who made tracks in me is Abigail Walker she is a least mischievous girl who has outstanding powers and generates delsin in certain scenes. Delsin and Abigail will be a good team at the end and struggle to free the city from DUP and Brooke Augustine.

    The game Infamous Second Son is a well-made game released near the release of the first PS4 systems. The series has its special flaws, but as a whole the deficiencies are not so great, as is said a game that was perhaps released too early in view of the PS4 release, but nevertheless the graphics and the action are at least good for me to be satisfied.

    I recommend the game to anyone who has not played it and owns a PS4, it is a very nice game with a nice action, start to the finish!!

    4/5 Soul Gems!! :D

    Rate this article Infamous Second Son - Review

    (4.43/5) 51 rates


    PC please.

    24 january 2019 23:20

    this article is absolute perfect but this is a bad thing the game is only for ps4. :(( but nice job

    9 june 2019 20:56

    Is cool

    18 january 2019 08:56

    Good job

    18 january 2019 16:16

    Good article

    16 january 2019 23:57


    16 january 2019 14:01

    I like it

    28 january 2019 08:33

    I like this game

    17 january 2019 12:38

    the gameplay is very very fun.

    16 january 2019 13:13

    amaazing job

    16 january 2019 12:09