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    (4.46/5) 13 rates
    berroni, 16 january 2019 17:03

    FrostRunner - PC Review

    This same title has been rejected for 5 times in a row for "plagiarism". Don't worry, it's not actual plagiarism - I've used quotation marks on some steam quotes and that's why the system has auto-rejected this topic(that's what mods say). 

    FrostRunner is a very interesting and challenging first-person "speedrunning" game which requires you to rapidly complete various challenges before the time runs out.  It's interesting since it requires your brain, it's not one of these "moves here and there and you've succeeded it while sprinting", it's a game which will make you think about your every next move. You'll need to think about each step you're willing to make, as there may be consequences and as you may fail with only one mistake, only one wrong move. It's a game that requires your brain to work constantly, and that is something I enjoy to get from games - there is no point in playing non-challenging ones. Even though it requires your brain, there won't be a lot of stress playing this game. It's a very relaxing one, and you'll enjoy it the way it is. 

    The game firstly appeared in a first-person puzzle game called Warp, but in that version, your character was running through teleportation systems, and the worst of all - the game was a puzzle. It wasn't something I enjoyed even tho' it required a brain, it was just boring and wasn't interesting at all. Thank god devs have decided to give up from that "puzzle teleportation running" game(sounds unlogical, right?) and decided to focus on the current version of the game. Leaderboards and achievements weren't there since the beginning of the game, they were added as time went by.

    The graphic details of this game are just beautiful. They're placed in a frozen desolate environment, which looks very realistic and you're going to enjoy it. The controls are tight and pretty much easy to use, you'll catch up with them pretty much fast. Levels are entertaining but unfortunately, there is no much of them which makes the game pretty short. Devs have come up with an idea how to fix the shortness of this game, and they have added collectables.  Find and collect collectables to get a few more levels.

    Besides requiring your brain, the game has "leaderboards and achievements" and that's going to challenge you even more. The good thing is that competitive mode(with leaderboards) doesn't have any cheaters as the game is perfectly protected. 
    There are unfortunately only 36 levels of the game, and it's not enough as you won't have a lot of time playing it but it's a Free-2-Play game, so we shouldn't ask for more than this. 

    I suggest FrostRunner to everyone who's willing to spend a few hours playing and remember these hours only by fun and enjoyment, without paying a cent, with a 10/10 rating. 

    Rate this article FrostRunner - PC Review

    (4.46/5) 13 rates


    the art style is very nice

    22 january 2019 09:13

    awesome pictures

    21 january 2019 14:29

    Nicely done.

    21 january 2019 14:27

    I haven't seen this game before!

    25 january 2019 17:25


    6 february 2019 21:05

    Good article

    25 january 2019 22:33

    Nice written.

    13 june 2019 18:30

    nice article good stuf and no spam accepted

    21 january 2019 13:34