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    (4.35/5) 17 rates
    yazdan, 8 february 2019 19:47

    Immortal rouge

    Immortal rouge is a hack and slash. releasing for Android devices, with pixel graphic design, cool storyline, various items, and bloody atmosphere will entertain all kinds of players.

    In the game, you play as a vampire who have to fight in darkness and destroy its enemies. The gameplay looks like a simple hack and slash games you can destroy the enemies. The story starts at the point that this vampire, wake up every 100 years and needs to hunt for food. You are currently in this critical period and you are the one who leads this thirsty vampire. you have alliances that waiting for you for a long time and will assist you on the battlefield. Various items are available to use, you can also reach higher items and take shower with the blood of your enemies.
    The character has special skills, more you dig in this world, more you discover these skills. An awesome and entertaining design makes you stay in the world of the game and discover more and more. in one world, gameplay and the environment of the game come together and make this game a wonderful game. In the game, you only have to mark the position of the enemies and touch the screen and drag it towards the target and hit the enemies. By holding your hand on the screen you can unleash some lethal attacks. The pixel graphic of the game alongside a piece of charming and action music is enjoyable. The game has very special surroundings and allows you to explore for attaining more items.


    There are powerful boss fights in the Immortal Rogue, which you need to be more agile to defeat them. Hit the boss and stay away, the best strategy to bring them down. The weapons you see in the game well known in the world of the vampires. During the game, you can earn coins and buy a lot of cool weapons. buying powerful weapons will help you to pass the stages of the game faster. The pixel graphic doesn't make the game to show you the same weapons, the appearance will be changed each time you purchase a new weapon. During the game, you will know the vampire character by the dialogues, sometimes games ask you about some specific events that will change the story of the game and feeling of the vampire. some characters during the game appear to help you to reach your goals. These are the choices that affect both vampire and the environment you are going to adventure in.

    Last words:

    fans of the hack and slash genre are going to fell in love with this game. the best point of this game is the Repeatability of the game, I mean you can play this game so many times and each time a unique story and atmosphere are waiting for you. more importantly, because of the cool story and gameplay, I hope to see other versions of this game soon.
    If you like this game you can download it for Android with the link below:


    Rate this article Immortal rouge

    (4.35/5) 17 rates


    Good work

    1 june 2020 22:37

    The best game

    9 may 2020 17:42

    So poor article try next time to put some images and more informations

    9 june 2019 07:11

    Very nice article i like it very cool review

    26 april 2019 03:07

    I dont know why i keep seeing this article, I mean why it is getting rejected?
    accepted by me

    8 february 2019 19:48