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    (4.48/5) 25 rates
    Tiredrabbit, 8 february 2019 18:54

    Beat Cop

    The Beat Cop is a 21-day police adventure that will be one of your best experiences due to its promising freedom in gaming.

    The 11bit Polish studio may not be as well-known as the "Paid Crack", but due to the variety of appearances it offers, it is definitely Poland's second largest name in the video game industry. While we are talking about two different constructors, perhaps at least the geographic proximity of the two teams has led to similarities in the tracks of each one compared to the works presented. The good news is that 11bit, just like the series maker The Witcher, is concerned about the wide gaming of its works. There's a set of different activities in front of you so that in each part of the game do not have the chance to scratch head. After the two last games developed by the Ulon Beat team in a strategic style, Beat Cop's mobile game can now easily be ranked qualitatively alongside its past, and it's considered one of the most entertaining mobile experiences. Provides a particular gender for engagement with new, and, of course, popular, ideas. Perhaps the Android and Beat Cop iPhone games are far from similar to strategic games, but inherited many of the elements of this genre and, of course, the earlier works of Ulun Beat.

    The Beat Cop story starts from the start with a fascinating look, and it's about the theme and period of interest. In the 1980s, streets full of American crime and unpopular police have become a simple cowardman in one of those crowded districts after a chilling offense. Everything begins when you are sent to a senator's house for a mission, but when you leave something other than the murder and multiple diamonds stolen, you do not get it, and now you have to work on the most basic job at the police station. Head up While Gameplay has a lot of missions, but the main engine of the game is without doubt the story is that it takes you step by step to eventually discover the truth of what happened. Apart from the fact that the narrative of the story is interesting and through events and in the language of different characters, it still keeps its attraction and keeps you in the game until the end of the long journey. Of course, I'm not going to point out great game logos that are really great for a mobile game. Apart from the conversations that match the street and folks that we expect, its high volume and high diversity, from character to character, is really admirable. Whether the builders have come up with different scenarios for each of their sub-steps with precise dialogues is definitely a great strength.

    Subordinate missions are the second major similarity to be found in the CDs and 11bit. Ellen Beat at no time has missed the design of the various sub-steps, and the result of this has been to make the side-by-side suites in the Beat Cop so attractive that you can sometimes get away with the main stages. The things that everyone asks you in the game, the difficulty or ease of any of them and the limitations that interfere with them all are part of this design process, most of which experience significant changes in most cases. Alongside this, of course, sometimes there is some slip in the main stages of the game, although it's not a big objection, but it's not possible to ignore it. Although the main steps on each day of the game, which looks like a leftist in it, have certain changes, but sometimes these changes are a little late, and this may also tire a bit of a player to do some repetitive work, but Be careful not to just delete those things. In fact, if the game adds new elements to Gamplay somewhat faster, then this slight objection may not even be visibles.

    One of the main things that make Beat Cop turn into a fun and rich experience, the world is full of engagement and widespread that allows for a variety of activities. Get involved with the activities that go with things that are not merely a fun part in the game world. Although the area you're in is no longer a street, but the various buildings and stores that go on the move give them a handful of top-notch Beat Cop. Most importantly, these are NPCs that are the source of all missions and interactions. Another of O'Learn Beat's tracks in this game is the ability to choose dialogues and decisions in some cases, which can have different consequences for you, and the Beat Cop, too, is a very painful element and it's considered to be a disguise. It is true that you are a policeman, but how you are a policeman depends a lot on those decisions. In general, the game considers the three main attributes in your interactions. Peoples' Satisfaction, Mafia Groups Satisfaction and Local Counterfeiting Satisfaction. These three groups are the main people you deal with in your interactions, and depending on what approach you go against each other, you will receive quite a bit different results. The game tries to force you in certain circumstances to make decisions that are tangible. For example, in one of the steps you have to get $ 300 to the end of your shift, so there are a lot of people who prefer to offer a bribe to you, shutting the police eye on some of the crime, and precisely in such a situation. You want to choose your way to reach your goals and raise your money, or do not violate your dignity, so at least I can not afford the first good.

    The elements that are in control of your game will be more than ever before. Except for the main missions of the story you need to follow each day, some tasks will also be varied on different days, and these will continue to expand and expand. For example, if you only fined cars for parks in unauthorized locations at first, then you should take care of their tires and their lights, and sometimes check their plates to report immediately if you see a suspect. In addition to these, some of the immediate and immediate missions, such as the arrest of creeping criminals, will be laid out from the wireless to the two. And alongside these, the constant foot is the same, every day, another new thing is waiting for you too. As I said earlier in the review, the content of the gameplay is so rich that there is no chance of scratching the game and it literally drowns in your world. While most control elements have a managerial level, the speed of firing and also running the criminals are among the few parts of the game, which adds a bit of variation in these cases.

    Graphically, the Beat Cop world is attractive and spectacular. The pixel graphics of the game with its richly colorful colors and the admirable details that are used make it visually beautiful to your smartphone screen. In general, there is no graphical and technical problem in the game, and there is no news about the battery and cell phone heat up. However, the only thing that is sometimes felt in the game is the lack of a mild and permanent music game. In general, while playing the game, there is no sound except the music of the particular environment, unless sometimes you go from the front of the houses or shops where the sound of the music is heard from them. Due to the fact that the characters of the game do not sound, the lack of soundtrack is sometimes felt very much. For example, if there was music in the course of the robberies with a rhythm that was slower, then the game could definitely appear to be much better in the transfer of excitement.

    At the end, you have no doubt that the Android and Beat Cop iPhone games are among those things that you do not miss, it will not be erased from your mobile phone, so it drowns you in your environment and creates entertainment that can soon become a Your first choice will be among the mobile games. The 11bit studio has so far shown that it has a great deal of power in the management style, and Beat Cop is also another confirmation that this time the team's ability to take on mobile platforms also takes place. When launching Beat Cop, the team claims the game is a religious tribute to all the police serials of the 1980s, the claim that I can say after a game of play is nothing but the truth.
    Note: I found this game in Steam too :)

    Rate this article Beat Cop

    (4.48/5) 25 rates


    I enjoyed your article content. I think i'll give a try to this game. Keep up the good work :)

    31 march 2019 01:01

    seems like a very funny game

    28 april 2019 01:27

    nice article but tha grapics..

    23 april 2019 00:58

    nice game ever

    15 april 2019 14:21

    its good

    13 april 2019 05:02

    I like the way you write but when it comes to reading wise. It is not good for readers to read because of how lengthy your words are. Seems like a line of ants.

    10 june 2019 12:20

    good job . i find a good game

    29 march 2019 14:08

    is it ulon beat or ulun beat? apart from that its good. accepted

    8 february 2019 19:00

    My only complaint is that the text is pretty much a continuous wall, if it weren't for the pictures. Some spacing, separating paragraphs and a tad bit more structure would've made it an awesome article.
    Apart from that, it's pretty good! Love the art style shown on the pics; I might check it out!

    9 february 2019 00:30

    Nice! But the paragraphs could be a bit shorter and not that continuous. Don’t take this as a hate comment, its just a recommondation :)

    21 february 2019 11:54