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    (4.41/5) 27 rates
    mo_hardy, 31 july 2018 16:00

    Immortal Redneck - An Overview

    Immortal Redneck by Crema is a rogue lite game(after you die you keep some sort of progress on your character instead of starting with a clean sheet)
    fps game in which you have the objective of clearing a pyramid by going up its levels(trying to find and elevator) and reaching the apex(the top) for a boss fight.

    To start off i haven't finished the game even once I have only reached one boss fight in my 3 hours of gameplay in which I was destroyed.

    When you start the game you are given the base character who has a pistol a shotgun and dynamite sticks.
    He has the ability to get higher rate of fire every now and then.
    But then after you earn enough coins you can buy characters with different starting weapons and abilities.


    Image result for immortal redneck
    (not from my gameplay its from google images)

    The shooting is projectile based for many weapons and most weapons have great inaccuracy.
    The shooting sounds are not satisfying when you blast and enemy in the face and it sounds like I fired a nerf blaster.

    The basic starter weapons are really unexciting except the dynamite but you can get weapons mid game ,
    for example I once chanced upon an automatic crossbow which was super accurate and fun to use.
    But then reverting to my boring weapons was torture.
    The game is very very fast paced and I mean quake 3 level fast paced. 
    You can pace through levels while jumping around with your weapons just shooting anyone who shows up.
    The weapon variety is a lot and your chosen characters(which you must unlock) decide your base weapons but you can get new ones by chests(found in secret rooms or at the top of a room) or via scrolls (these are mid game boosters which drop and give random attributes boosts or give you some negative effects)
    My favorite weapons are the taser sword (its an electric sword which throws zapping energy beams at long range you can get this via starting as Sekhmet) and the automatic crossbow which i got as a drop during one of my games.

    (this is from my gameplay)

    Overall the weapon variety is definitely big enough to cater to everyone's taste.

    A big portion of the game are scrolls which you can obtain via killing enemies.
    These will either give you passive attributes (you might get ammo and health from health drops )
    or give you negative traits though they are rare ( I had one which damaged me whenever I stayed in the air for too long)
    or situational ones like one I got which took all my weapons I had and gave the weapon I was holding infinite ammo(it happened to be a grenade launcher) so it worked out well for me.

    You can unlock various characters from the skill tree purchases.
    Each has different abilities and base weapons.

    They can be unlocked after earning a lot in a single game so you must be cautious with your spending as after each game your money balance is reset.
    Some characters have higher damage while other have health.
    The characters with the better weapons are generally given worse stats so take that into consideration.

    These are rare but at every level of the pyramid you can find atleast one hidden or simply at the top if the room was empty.
    They may contain scrolls weapons and coins.
    They are important to completing the pyramid or make progress as the character you chose may have some bad weapons or attributes or you may need the money later on.

    Overall Immortal Redneck is an Enjoyable game and quiet cheap on sales (I got it for 3$ in India)
    It is available on multiple platforms including the Nintendo switch.
    I give it a solid 8/10 
    Also play with a high sensitivity its more enjoyable that way especially if you play csgo.

    Rate this article Immortal Redneck - An Overview

    (4.41/5) 27 rates


    Nice game.

    11 august 2018 20:15

    looks good

    12 october 2018 06:38

    Good hussle

    1 august 2018 05:16

    Nice game!

    10 august 2018 18:55


    7 august 2018 06:53

    Thanks for the info, i might try this!

    10 august 2018 17:03

    thank you all for your appreciation

    2 august 2018 14:40