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    (4.63/5) 30 rates
    Hikiby, 31 july 2018 14:04

    The best Bleach game ?

    If you are a fan of the Bleach series but you do not find a game that you like and that respects the series, well maybe I can help you.
    In fact, not everyone knows that there is an unofficial Bleach game for android and ios.
    The game came out three years ago and very well structured with very fequent updates but let's see more in detail.

    Bleach Brave Souls is a Bleach themed Hack and Slash in 3D, the game is based on earning "Orb" to open packages and find the characters of the saga that will be enhanced to continue with the missions.

    The characters are divided by degrees represented by the stars, from a minimum of 1 star to a masssiom of 6, the game relies heavily on the characters of grade 5 as they are those with the highest statistics, but especially if upgraded to the maximum level ( that varies according to the degree) and competing the soul tree can be transformed into characters of grade 6.
    In addition to having lost the game also contains objects, also obtainable through the orb and have a grade ranging from 1 to 6, the objects are very important and give a boost you have characters.

    The game has different modes, the most interesting is the story mode that accurately shows the events that occurred in the manga and in the various movies, each mission carried out successfully from a minimum of 1 orb to a maximum of 5, in the missions you can find characters objects and crystals (used to enhance the tree) in order to participate in a mission must use a ticket, each player has 25 tickets available and each of them takes 15 minutes to regenerate.
    In addition to the story mode there is also the pvp or forming a team of 3 elements you can clash with other users, the battles in pvp are maneuvered by the AI and then automatic, there are 10 divisions in the pvp to go from one division to another just reach a minimum position in the ranking, each division from the prizes more logically the division is high plus the prizes will be rare here as in the story mode you will need to use special tickets.
    Let's not forget the "Events", they are nothing more than missions like those of history but with prescribed objectives that go from getting crystals to getting characters.
    There is a last feature added by little or the guilds, they can have a maximum of 20 meters and have specific missions that change daily, depending on the enemies knock down the game will assign you a score that will be added to the score of the other compile guild, this score as in the pvp is used to move up the division and even here each division has its prizes, but unlike the pvp here there are only 5 divisions S, A, B, C and the D more we will approach the division S plus rare birthday prizes, to participate in these missions will need to use de iticket special each player has 3 available and each one takes 6 hours to regenerate.
     I hope this article has helped you.

    Rate this article The best Bleach game ?

    (4.63/5) 30 rates


    Cool game

    11 august 2018 17:11

    Iloveit !!!!!

    11 august 2018 05:37

    Good stuff

    4 august 2018 14:21

    Wow nic3

    14 august 2018 20:15

    nice info

    7 august 2018 00:51

    Very good work. I like how you described everything in steps. Might think about trying it.

    9 august 2018 01:37

    Not my type of game, but the article is well written.

    31 july 2018 19:53

    Nicely done.

    31 july 2018 17:55

    woah i love belach!!!

    3 august 2018 02:19

    Although i'm not a fan of Bleach, this article is pretty well written. The images are quite clear as well. Great job!

    1 august 2018 00:19